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Clientexec vs WHMCS


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Howdy all:


I just started using WHMCS and in the two days I've been testing it (before I go to production) I've found it to be light years ahead of Clientexec which I have been using for some time.


It's super fast, very clean and easy to use, both on the client and admin sides of the system. I'm very impressed.



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I had switched from Clientexec to WHMCS about eight months ago. I have been very happy using WHMCS. I agree that it is light years ahead of Clientexec.


I received a free license of Clientexec with my hosting package back in the day but paying for WHMCS is definitely worth it.



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Yeah, there's really very few products that can really compare to the WHMCS system both from ease of setup to operation. Any "negatives" that you've found yet Jayson? Anything that ClientExec has that you think should be in WHMCS?


I've found nothing I would call a "negative"...


The system is very well laid out, fast, easy to learn and use. So far (knock on wood) I've had no problems and I'm very happy. I cannot say any of that about CE. From the start it was not easy, it was very slow, and the automatic features were NOT very well implemented. I will never say they didn't try.


Not knowing how long WHMCS has been in the business or available I'd have to say that would be the one draw back. I would have switch a year ago if I had known it was available. Advertise and they will come =)

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I started out around 3 years ago with CE had nothing but problems with it. Then I switched to MB (don't attempt to use v5) this software was ok, but is hard to incorporate custom modules,billing and plans. Then I decided to switch my billing from prorated to anniversary billing (big mistake) lost all of my monthly billing so I had to manually run cron jobs every month. Anyways their support was about as low as a curb on the second hand streets in town. To make a long story short after 3 billing software migrations I've had nothing but compliments from my clients about WHMCS.

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Glad to see WHMCS offer the reseller coupon as CE offer, previously all my reseller having theyre own coupon code but when i move to WHMCS, its hard to be done because the module on WHMCS doesnt support for hosting and domain together, WHMCS make seperated between domain and hosting coupon code, but that changed and the best is WHMCS now and the CE only offer the recurring based on discount and not percentage.



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I used CE, around 2005, I had many problems and couldn't handle it anymore.


Did all my accounts manually to be on the safe side, and to be honest with you WHMCS does load faster than CE..


I would like to say thanks to all the developers and contributors for making WHMCS.....

And they do listen to clients ;)

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