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Didn't record a delayed Paypal subscription


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A client has a subscription for a domain and three days ago the subscription payment failed. Today it retried and was successful; I got the confirmation email from paypal in my email. However, whmcs did not record the payment... the invoice still exists and the transaction was not recorded. I had to manually add the payment. Anyone have any idea what happend here?

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Yes I did, but that was because PayPal's IPN system was down.



Canned Response from PayPal

Unfortunately it is possible that at times instant payment notifications can fail. We certainly apologize in the event that this happens, but sometimes this service can prove fallible. Computer error, downtime, or other extenuating circumstances can limit the ability for certain notifications to be delivered properly. The transaction and payment information should be intact and complete with in your PayPal account. Please log in to your account and verify your account history for reference. We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your patience regarding this matter. If you have any further questions or comments or need clarification please feel free to respond.





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SO it seems more and more apparent these days that PayPal IPN is an unrealizble and faulty system. What about merchant accounts, is WHMCS better at communicating with the gateways to capture all events in a timely manner?


Its not a case of WHMCS being "better" at communicating with whatever gateway - simply that gateway callbacks acan and do fail - the frequency of the fails seems to vary on the "qulaity" of the gateway.


PayPal IPN has been problematic for years, protx regularly has a problem, Worldpay back in Feb kept failing callbacks ...


The only solution (now) is to check the emails these gatewys send against the transactions in your WHMCS file - we do ths daily y virtue of doing a bank reconcillatin between our various merchant accounts and WHMCS and our accounting systems.

i.e. balance at Lloyds bank = yesterday balance - expenditure + takings

extract all yesterdays transactions from WHMCS

add up by gateway

amounts sent to bank from merchants should be the same, where they differ investigate


A large amount of that could be automated with the implementation of a mail parser to read the paypal emails, the worldpay emails, the nochex emails etc, and to hilight and differences between the transaction log/gateway log and the emails ...

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