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Am I the only frustrated user?


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This is a general comment, so feel free to respond or not.


A few months ago, I posted my site in the showcase,


Received some great feedback, which i implemented.

I recently finished updating it, so posted a few extra comments.

At this stage the number of page views for the thread was 546.


However, with the exception of a couple of stalwarts, there were no postings or comments at all. This seems to be a common feature of this forum- only about 10 regular posters (may I call you the 'usual suspects'?)


So I post a particularly direct comment to see if I can ellicit a response:?.


Nothing. At all. :twisted:

And yet there have been more than 800 additional page views since viewed that particular post.


Am i missing something; is an online community really a misnomer, or an oxymoron?


Does such a thing even exist?:shock:

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A few months ago, I posted my site in the showcase
There's your first clue. Threads dont' stay on top, but get pushed down in the list by newer ones. Chances are the updated thread, having been idle for a while, was pushed down, or...members seeing it simply thought it was an old one and ignored later posts.


And yet there have been more than 800 additional page views since viewed that particular post.
Search engines also count as "views", and that's probably what you're seeing.
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If this were a design forum, you'd probably receive a lot of positive feedback after implementing the changes suggested, but keep in mind that these comments come from what is, essentially, your competition. Perhaps once your site was looking great there was some jealousy factor?

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Thanks guys,

Firstly, I recognise that every-one here is (or should be) in business to make money (ideally in 'truckloads' volume)


The point of the exercise was not the thread I was highlighting, but the question of member involvement (or my percieved lack of it), outside of 'the usual suspects'.


Perhaps i'm jaded by my experiences from a number of other similar 'project-based' business forums, where the expanse of user input and response is broader.


Importantly, my objective was to highlight the issue. How users choose to repsond, either negatively or positively, is entirely appropriate. I'm simply suggesting that a greater number of 'viewers' should become participants.


I could say "finally, some feedback",

or I could say "I'm just neurotic"

or I could say "perhaps i miss the point of the forum"


But perhaps i'll just say "thank you for your perspective on the matter".


Now get back to work and make some money! ;)

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I am not sure I follow because I see almost 3 pages of comments regarding your site. All of which are pretty positive. Also - not everyone on this board are considered active members and many of those that are - often concern themselves with bugs, support, features, etc. They tend to leave the showcase for individuals that have some design knowledge to respond to. This in itself - limits your responses because there are only a few that can provide you with the feedback you are looking for.


But ... from what I have seen, the board has been more than kind with your thread as a lot of the showcase threads do not even get a reply. So you might want to just reconsider your outlook on the replies you received. :)

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Seriously guys,


I rest my case.I made a comment about my experience, from my perspective.


You don't have to agree, just recognise thats my perspective, based on my experience compared to other business forums.

This is one of the few threads where people have actually opened up to say something. (refer post #6)


I offered my apologies in post #3 to regular posted whom I might have offended.

However, for anyone else that feels the need to disagree, here's 2 bricks to get you started.

Build a bridge & get over it.

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