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Hiding categories is wrong


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When a new customer comes and looks to see if your product is legit you know they will search your forums for problems. Hiding the


Bug Report forum


Technical Issues forum


is just plain dishonest. You are simply hiding your problems from customers and they do not find all these problems until they register with the forums were in most cases is after they have purchased. Is my logic flawed here?

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They probably have a very good reason why people need to register before seeing the bugs & technical forum.


But, if you think that any program or piece of software is without bugs, errors & problems, then you make a big mistake. If you see something on the shelf in a shop, do they advertise the problems on the box? No, they have their own support channel they need to go though.

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It is still misleading the customer. Common business practice? No that is called misleading the customer. You are purposefully hiding problems that many people are having with said product. What does this mean? You are lieing to the customer.

No matter how you want to spin it Matt and his team are trying to get a quick buck for a product that has many many bugs and problems. If they are going ot have a forum for it its impractical and very obvious that they are trying to hide it by only hiding the 2 forums that might hurt their companies profits.


I am posting this again in the feedback area. This isn't something to discuss this is feedback from one of their customers that is posting their thoughts on an ideah.

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Dude, grow up. I don't see why you're trowing a tantrum like this. Show me ONE PRODUCT that doesn't have problems! Please, stop slandering Matt,he's put in a LOT of efford to make you happy. And this just proves that nothing that other people do will keep you happy. Please refrain from bad mouthing him, or move on and use something else if you believe that other company's products are bug free

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Have to agree with chicken dippers.


I found about 5 bugs, but 4 of those turned out to be my configuration problems. I looked at 6 alternatives to WHMCS before downloading trials of 3, and testing them fairly rigourously. WHMCS suited my needs pretty well, better than the others.


Why not try a similar approach?


If I go to a shop & don't like what they are selling, or the product doesn't meet my needs, I don't complain about it; I just look elsewhere.


No sense getting hot under the collar. I'd rather focus my energy on making money & looking after my customers.

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It is still misleading the customer.

No, it isn't. First off, you would not yet be a customer. Secondly, it's not hidden from registered forum members, only from guests. I know many forums for scripts that don't allow the viewing of *any* posts until you're a member.


No matter how you want to spin it Matt and his team are trying to get a quick buck for a product

Quick buck? I've yet to meet anyone that works as hard as Matt to make his product better, nor anyone that makes themselves available more than him. I've had answers from him directly at all hours of the day, regardless of time zone, and they are typically correct and to the point.

I think you're making more of this than is warranted.

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I have to agree with you there Bear and I too have had replies from Matt and what I could call "crazy hours!"


Mate seriously, get off your bloody high horse and go have a whinge elsewhere.


Do you have the same bitch session to Microsoft because of the bugs in Windows that MS DONT tell you about until you happen to see a windows update about it?


As said before, what software product out there today doesn't have a bloody bug or 2?


Really, quit acting like a child...but if thats not possible, go play in the sandpit and leave the adults to discuss things much more important than "Why your Tonka trucks wheels don't turn anymore!"

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