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Switching/Importing to WHMCS - Please Read

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We understand that the majority of companies already have a billing system in place to manage their clients and are worried by the difficulties of switching to a new billing system. So with that in mind, we provide automation scripts & guides in order to make changing as easy as possible.


Automated Import Scripts


We have written import scripts for the following softwares so if you are using one of these, all you need to do is download the importer and simply enter the connection details for your existing software to migrate your data accross to WHMCS.


  • ModernBill V4.x
  • ModernBill V5.x
  • ClientExec V2.8.x
  • ClientExec V3.x
  • WHMAutoPilot V2.5.x
  • WHMAutoPilot V3.x
  • AWBS V2.5 or later
  • LPanel V1.7 or later
  • WhoisCart V2.2.x
  • AccountLab Plus V2.8.x
  • Kayako
  • Cerberus

In most cases the import scripts import all servers, packages, clients, hosting accounts, domains & invoices from the previous system.


Where do I download them?


The import scripts are available from the client area.


Import Services


We offer import services which take away the hassles & unknowns of migrating yourself. If you want to discuss your migration, please just open a ticket @ https://www.whmcs.com/members/submitticket.php?step=2&deptid=5


Manual Importing


If you use a proprietary system or one that isn't in the list above, you can contact us to discuss having a custom import script written or can move your data over manually. We have a detailed guide on manually adding your existing clients products & services @ http://wiki.whmcs.com/Importing_Data#Manual_Data_Entry

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