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Printing currency's and currency codes inconsistency

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I've a question about the way WHMCS prints currency's and currency codes.


Here in the netherlands we have the € (EURO) and I selected EURO in whmcs confuguration. So far so good, but on (SOME) pages I get amouts printed like "€ 10.00 EUR". For euro this is not correct, it should be or "€ 10.00" or "10.00 EUR" but not both.


Now I have choosen "Custom" and only fill in the "€" sign, but in this way paypal is not working correctly because paypal thinks the amounts are $. When I only give the "EUR" and not the "€" the whole whmcs admin does not have the "EUR" added to there amounts.


Is there a way to have either the "€" OR the "EUR" in all cases?


In the tpl files the printing of amounts is inconsistent, sometimes the amount is build like this : "{$currencysymbol}{$addon.setupfee} {$currency}" there I just remove the {$currency} and it's ok. But most of the time amount is already in the format "€ 10.00 EUR" so there is no option to let the {$currency} away.


Is there someone who has some smarty trics that can strip out all "EUR"?


Thanks in advance!!

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I'd like to see this as well especially for £ and € as £4.99 GBP just looks silly and overly complicated for some people.


Except without the GBP it could be Gibraltar pounds, Egyption pounds etc

Same with dollars - australian, canadian, us etc


Personally I dont think the symbol is worth putting there, but the ISO ccy code certianly is needed

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