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Life, Time, and the best of all money savers!!!


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We were debating for a while on creating our own management system but the benefits of using a commercial system far out weigh the time and cost of scripting/securing/implementing/etc. etc. etc... our own. It was just a matter of finding a system that could meet or even exceed our needs. WHMCS has met and far exceeded our needs and even expectations. Matt's willingness to take on special requests (custom scripting) far exceeds that of any of the other systems we have used. (MB, AWBS, & CE) :D:D:D

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We originally used a billing system made by myself - although it was very basic. Clients was the same as an order (so multiple orders is a no), basic promotion code system, auto create cPanel account (and that is as far as the automation and cPanel integration went lol), invoices. The backend had the basic add, edit remove on customers, invoices and promotion codes. The only thing I miss is the fact that it was intergrated into my CMS.


But with the more and more number of clients that was signing up, it became harder to work with and loosing track of things was easily done. So decision was made to use WHMCS and oh my, I sure am glad I made the change.

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We were using CE for the last, almost two years now. The problem was that if there was a bug you would usually have to live with it for a few months before they fixed it. Requests took them six months to a year to implement if they ever did. Most of the time you would just get ignored. A lot of requests forum threads would get 20-30 posts long and just disappear or fade away. Not to mention the fact that the newest version, still in beta, is just now implementing some of the features that were requested well over a year ago, and that most other systems already have.


We used both MB and AWBS each for about two to three months. AWBS I don't really have to go into... it's simple the client front end is nice if you want to use their templates / layout and the back end/admin is a mess. MB is limited on the integration (ordering only) full of bugs, full of bugs, did I say full of bugs , and their support, and constant lies, and it is way over priced for what it's worth, and, and, and, and ......


There are two of us here that can script pretty well. It wasn't just the matter of time involved. It was the matter of how much we could save if we could just find a good system!!!!!! <- put some emphasis on that!!!


It has been a long search but WHMCS with the support of Matt is just that system.

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i agree, we used host director for a while that could only auto provision on one companies servers, we then went to mb and it was good, such an improvement on host director, but it was not exactly what we needed, was still a lot it couldnt do, dont even get me started on the lack of support, and also the support system on mb itself, we then decided to move to whmcs after hearing about it on the mb forums, at the same time tho we dabbled with awbs, great for the user interface espc if using their templates, but just rubbish on the admin side, far too detailed and everything was everwhere, whmcs rocks and i can not see us changing again

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