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Configuring a '1 login, 1 user, 1 account' system


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Curious to know current users/admin experiences, with the 'new' 8.x user/account management system.

Previously, in 7.x, it was possible to use WHMCS as a '1 login 1 account' system, which for 'technically challenged end users' was ideal, with the launch of 8.x this all changed - with the separation of accounts and users - we fiddled around with it for a bit, but ended up with all sorts of issues, where customers could potentially change an email address in one place, then end up locking themselves out of their accounts.  

For a company with end users that can just about turn on a computer on a GOOD day, we foresaw that these changes would create us all sorts of headaches and just generally exasperate our customers.  As far as I can see, this 'new' system hasn't really changed in the latest releases.  There's certainly no official way to disable it and return to the 'old' way of doing things, in 7.x.  

So, what are current admins experiences, particularly those that have used WHMCS before these changes came about?  Do you still end up with customers changing email addresses and locking themselves out of their accounts?  Even with template hacking, I don't think it's really possible to get a '1 login 1 account' system, or am I wrong?

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The changes introduced in WHMCS 8.x, specifically the separation of accounts and users, have caused some challenges for administrators, particularly those who were accustomed to the previous system in WHMCS 7.x. The new system can lead to situations where customers inadvertently lock themselves out of their accounts by changing email addresses in one place. Unfortunately, there isn't an official way to disable the new system and revert to the previous 7.x behavior.  Admins upsers who have migrated to WHMCS 8.x may still encounter cases where customers change email addresses and experience account access issues. Even with template modifications, achieving a strict "1 login 1 account" system may not be feasible. It's important for administrators to communicate any changes or potential issues to their end users and provide clear instructions to minimize confusion and customer frustration. 

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The aspect I do find somewhat amusing, is that WHMCS themselves still seem to use a 7.x version of their own site - it still has the now deprecated 'sub-accounts/contacts', which is 7.x.  If the 8.x system, were that great and that diverse in the customers that it could support, why aren't they using it themselves?

As I mentioned in another thread on this topic, history teaches us that it doesn't matter how many 'banners' you put to guide people, on indeed documentation, they generally get ignored.  

A 'good' system even technically challenged customers have to be able to figure things out themselves, easily, which generally on 7.x with a good custom template they could - otherwise it will just exasperate them and we'll ultimately end up losing business when they just silently go elsewhere.

A number of our vendors who also use WHMCS, still also seem to be using 7.x - so we know we can't be alone in this.

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I'd have preferred to remain on the older one (if not for security issues) for the old user system and things like the ability to change passwords. None of my customers ever asked for or needed the ability to manage several WHMCS accounts from one login, nor do I recall any discussions here or on the (generally useless) requests thing WHMCS has about either one.
These 2 things appear to be related, and likely something the company decided to do, realized things could go horribly wrong with logins and passwords and plodded on anyway instead of abandoning development in that direction or method(s).

IMHO, two of the very worst changes that were implemented.

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