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Wordpress whmcs plugin

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Hi All,


I've tasked my developer to create a plugin to link wordpress with whmcs so the wordpress site can take orders, customers can view products etc. Is there any functions you find would be great as i've only got a few but once it's done well release it. But would love some feedback on what features you'd like to see in this intergration.

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4 hours ago, twhiting9275 said:

This is already available via WHM Press. Has been out and updated for a few years (not my plugin).

Author has a couple of other plugins as well, such as slider and table based stuff.



Yes ive used them for a while but their support is terrible and the plugins keep breaking every update. 

Hence i have tasked my developer to build something more robust.

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Sadly you will end up delivering the same experience (terrible support and module that breaks on every update). Don't get me wrong. It's not your fault. That's what you are subjected to when coding modules for WHMCS. This is common to bascially every developer in this business.

The only safe things to code are templates and simple stuff. For complex projects you are doomed with the usual bugs of WHMCS that never get fixed (they keep piling up), undocumented changes, deprecation of core features from day to night for silly reasons and revolutions that solve some problems creating new ones. Every new release of WHMCS will be a nightmare.

There's a reason why there are less than 5 companies creating modules for WHMCS and also why 95% of modules listed in Marketplace are dead. You need more than one developer to maintain a module if you plan to sell it. There's no profit unless you price it for 300-400 euro / year but who is gonna buy it? Not so many people.

Good luck.

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