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Monthly combined invoicing for Domains - possible?

raymond van Driel

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Using Billing Extension , is it possible to set up monthly combined billing for domains? - our resellers want to receive invoices monthly with line items for all thier domains they have with us rather than indovidual invoices every time they buy or renew a domain.

Is this a feature of  billing extension, and if so - how can it be enabled?

Thanks so much,


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Hi, it is all explained here.

In your specific case you should be using OneInvoice or OnePayment.

OneInvoice lets you issue a maximum of 12 invoices per customer every year. It is not intrusice as it sill allows WHMCS to work as normal when it comes to renewals, payments and reminders. The only difference is that it prevents WHMCS from turning proforma into invoices (invoice suppression) when they become paid. The module will automatically issue all these pending invoices the first day of the following month.

OnePayment is the same but changes how your renewal process work. It's a bit long to explain (take a look at documentation for full details) but in essence the difference is that not only you will have a issue a maximum of 12 invoices per customer every year but also a maximum of 12 payments. In case you are missing it, reducing the number of payments lowers transactions fees. In the article you can also find a case-study where we compare standard WHMCS and OnePayment. With the latter you saves 18% in transaction fees (46k vs 38k euro).

If you need maximum flexibility you could also use for this specific customer Manual Invoicing. With this billing mode the module keeps suppressing invoices letting you choose when, what and who you want to invoice. To avoid forgetting you have to issue invoices, you can set warnings based on amounts, dates and clients.

Btw keep in mind that each of the above billing mode can be used simultaneously. You can have for example the following scenario:

  • Default billing mode: Standard WHMCS
  • Customer A, B: OneInvoice
  • Customer D and F: OnePayment
  • Customer G: Manual Invoicing

That's it.

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