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The new domain registration will not are displayed.

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Hello, I manually entered already active domain registration orders for customers of one of my resellers following the instructions in this link: https://support.openprovider.eu/hc/en-us/articles/360037011194-How-to- import-domains-to-WHMCS-manually.                                                                                                                                                                             
If I access the customer of my reseller directly, I see the domains uploaded and access their data on openprovider registrar, if instead I login to the same customer but from the reseller center area of my reseller, the orders will not are displayed. Why does this happen? How can I solve? 

To better clarify the problem I send you 2 screenshots where on the first accessing as a customer of deniweb from where the orders were placed with the link I told you before, you see the 2 domains ordered, while accessing the same customer from the reseller area of my reseller "LANSCO" the orders of the domains are not there. The customer is the same. Why don't they display ??68404555_Immagine2022-02-21144833.thumb.png.f2ffe9f654f5cf0bcab27d74291ded12.png

Immagine 2022-02-21 144526.png

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  • WHMCS Technical Analyst

Hi Daniweb, 

The most likely reason you are seeing inconsistencies within the client are is likely due to the way WHMCS makes many of its API queries. Typically the return information  looks to be returned to the System URL rather than any alias.  

As a result this information may not be passed back to your alias or may be rejected at the registrar due to inconsistencies with the URL in compared to what is expected.

This is even more likely to be  the case when retrieving domain information as this is  called from the registrar upon almost every required  page load rather than cached locally. 

As an investigatory measure, you may be able to see entires within your module log that would give you an idea of what is or is not occurring when you access your installation using your alias. 

I hope this helps.

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