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Next due dates update incorrectly into the future, skipping monthly charge/invoice.


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Hey guys,

 My setup is so basic since 2019 (even setup on a private up to date server). I don't have a third party theme, nor addons, etc except a quickbooks module with modulegarden.  And  I ran into the following issue before I even had that module:


  1. Recurring issues run smoothly but then every few months > Next due dates get updated incorrectly, several months into the future and the invoice get skipped completely. Luckily I manually manage my bookkeeping monthly.
  2. I have discovered a couple annually paid clients with a wrong year applied after they got setup.  Meaning, they purchased on 01/01/21 and their next due date is  01/01/23 skipping 2022 completely. I fixed the year! But still what if I didn't look. 

This issue is time consuming to say the least. Has any one else run into this problem so I can know what I might be doing wrong OR if it is a bug.

My logs don't show any deleting of invoices. 

Thank you,



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I have had similar issues with next due dates not being updated correctly.

Many years ago with a previous company, we had this issue continuously where we would discover that whmcs wa snot billing certain customers because it had updated the next due date incorrectly.
I had a ticket open with whmcs support for several years and all I ever got was "let us know if it happens again" every single time. We let them know when it happened again, but always no solution and same answer.

The company had hundreds of customers, and no way to detect if this issue had occurred, other than to manually check every single customer or hope they told us.

It was such a long time ago, I do not recall if we ever solved it, as the company no longer exists, but I know we did finally discover that some previous update had not installed properly and some files were wrong.

But I have had this issue again recently on 2 different installs for 2 different companies. Next due dates have not updated several times.

At least this time, there is this option

Continuous Invoice Generation If enabled, invoices will be generated for each cycle even if the previous invoice remains unpaid


Which at least mean sthe invoices keep generation. And I am manually checking the clients-> products page for next due date sthat have fallen behind.

However I am not sure what solution you have where they are set in the future and completely skip a cycle. Perhaps try to reinstall in case of any corrupt files?

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