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xero and whcms

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Hi Everyone, I hope you are well. 

I'm interested in anyone's experience of running whcms with xero

I run a small smb IT consultancy.

I have about 7 licensed products that I sell (backup, 365, security, domains, hosting etc) and i send out reminders for this via a mail merge currently. however, it is getting problematic to manage. 

whcms seems to do what i want, it will send out reminders automatically at predefined points in time (which actually is all i really need it for - if anyone knows of another system that does this for multiple products, let me know please) .  I don't really need it to be a shopfront because I'm not primarily a hosting business. 

I'm also looking to start using xero for my accounts. 

I'm also looking at stripe or maybe revolut for payments. 

I want them all to integrate, particularly have a link on the invoice that can be paid by card. so if someone pays an invoice sent out by whcms using revolut,  xero knows about it. 

I wondered if anyone currently uses these products and if they play nicely together or if there is a more efficient / cheaper way of doing this. The main issue for me is  finding the time to send out all the reminder emails and doing them at the correct intervals. . 

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Yep, we're using a Xero addon for each venture.
Check: http://www.edgehosting.co.uk/clients/ 
It's only about £50 p/year and does 2-way sync of paid bill etc.

Cchekc it, we're very happy with thsi one.

Xero is from from perfect (as is WHCMS) but the connection makes life a Lot easier 😉

PS We have 'tried' to create an addon to get revolut into whmcs but have given up as the Revolut API is so unstable (and support on this is even worse than normal support) it's just not funny anymore.
I know there is a credit card payment only Revolut adon but we needed the full range .. and gave up on that.

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many thanks. 


having looked into revolut, they charge 2.8% on business credit AND debit cards. their consumer cards are 1.4% which is ok, but im not sure i can stomach the business charges. 


the only thing that would make things easier is if i could apply a surcharge of say 1.8% on business cards automatically at checkout after they have chosen their payment method (so it only surcharges if you are a business)  - anyone  know if this is doable?

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Not for just bsuiness, as far as I am aware of.

Unles ... you set up a separet payment gateway for business and a separate for consumers.
In that case there are/were several addons which would let you add payment processing charges per specific gateway .... that may be the way to do it ;-0

Search the marketplace for things like payment gateway charges
I know Modulesgarden has one, we use that one, but I beleive there are others that made similar solutions and may be cheaper.

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