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Why premium domain showing as regular domain?


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Hope you are doing well. I found default Namespring or Standard Whois lookup provider showing premium domain as a regular or fresh domain that i can buy. However If i checked with Domain Registrar Lookup provider then it's showing Premium not able to purchase with regular domain for this reason we need to refund money to client several times & need to give them explain why this domain is not purchase able with regular price while it's showing available with regular price.

Testing domain: dhaka.online

So, kindly make some changes with your lookup provider & show premium domain as "not available" or introduce to showing premium price some how!

Thank You
Benjamin Biswas



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Hi @Biswas Host Ltd

well, premium domains can not be supported by Namespring / Standard Whois Provider, because there's no registrar behind these. Whois Provider is just using whois data for availability check which is a) unreliable and b) slow. In addition, Premium Domain data that is required to show the right information (basically pricing), is just available/direct accessible to Registrars, as far as I know (or at least accessible in a useful way).

When it comes to real lookup providers, it again depends on if and how well they have integrated premium domains. Basically it is possible to return a domain as premium domain in whmcs, but if the premium pricing isn't set in addition, it might come to such weird things. Most of the supporting providers return premium domain pricing in USD - having currency USD configured in your system is therefore mandatory to get premium domains up and running correctly. So, not that straight forward with premiums as one might expect. Premium Domain Transfers are btw. totally broken. Shown correctly in the availability check results, but are ending with regular pricing in shopping cart.



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