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Language Strings of {$order_details}

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I am not able to find the language strings of the {$order_details} merge fields of the welcome email template.

I found in the engl. lang file similar strings and added it in another language but it does not work out. Are these strings saved somewhere else?

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On 22/05/2021 at 13:01, SSCommerce said:

I am not able to find the language strings of the {$order_details} merge fields of the welcome email template.

the $order_details merge field is created during the order creation and consists of language variables and variables - but once written and passed to the template, the merge field is just one long string of text/html - so changes to the language strings will have no effect on it (the email templates don't use Language strings in the same sense as the web site templates anyway).

so changes to relevant language strings would only impact the content of $order_details in future orders.

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Here is an example of the fields, which are jsut in english avaibale:

First Payment Amount: € 0,00 EUR
Recurring Amount: € 4,11 EUR
Billing Cycle: Monthly

I searched the en lang file for these and found these strings and translated it:

$_LANG['firstpaymentamount'] = "Erste Zahlung";
$_LANG['recurringamount'] = "Wiederkehrende Zahlung";
$_LANG['orderbillingcycle'] = "Rechnungszyklus";
$_LANG['orderproduct'] = "Produkt/Service";
$_LANG['ordertotalduetoday'] = "Heute fällig";

Somehow it did not take effect on the next order...

Any advice?


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On 24/05/2021 at 17:28, SSCommerce said:

Any advice?

the email templates themselves don't directly use language strings (unlike the client/admin areas) - yes they are used in the creation of some variables that can get passed to the template, but the template themselves cannot use them.

you can create translated versions of any email template...


so for example, if you created a German translated version of an email template, and the client was using the German language, then the German translated email template should be used (if it exists for that template).

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