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I'm just setting up my hosting business and wanting to get the following pages layout to display properly in WHMCS.

The content seems all uncentred and mis-aligned, the table is squashed as well, and the page is displaying the following all the time:'Domains must begin with a letter or a number and be between and characters in length

:domain is unavailable

Congratulations! is available!'

Im using the hostiko theme, but 21 theme does the same.

Thanks in advance...


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On 10/05/2021 at 10:20, andy wilce said:

Im using the hostiko theme, but 21 theme does the same.

but Six more or less works without issue (except one CSS alignment problem)...


to be honest, I think the templates are corrupted - especially 21 and Hostiko... or wrongly installed... or the Hostiko template version is not the correct one for your WHMCS version...

have you contacted Hostiko's developers for help on this? if you bought it from them, they should be able to help you better than anyone here.

when I set the template to Hostiko, it's just 21 with a link to a Hostiko CSS file - it shouldn't be anything like that but a separate theme in its own right that has nothing to do with 21.

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On 13/05/2021 at 16:15, andy wilce said:

Its not been a straight forward setup at all. Lots of you tubing!

a little late now, but generally I would always suggest setting up WHMCS first (with default templates).. then once setup and working to your satisfaction, then you can start tweaking/changing the templates.

now in your case, it looks to be purely a design issue - uploading Hostiko should have been straightforward - hopefully, their support should be able to help... but if not, let me know before I leave here next month and i'll take a look.

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Hi Brian.

Any chance you could take a look. Had no response from vendor.

I think twenty one theme is corrupt as it does same error on this theme, but the six theme is fine.

Also, I do think that it is correct the parent of hostiko is twenty one. I read about it somewhere.  So if twenty one is corrupted then it will obviously have a knock on effect on the hostiko theme.

My email is andrewwilce@yahoo.co.uk



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