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GeoTrust SSL - First time installing

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Hi, I just went through the Manual Configuration process to install a GeoTrust SSL for a client.  Everything went well as far as i know, but this is my first time. 

So, Now I see "Order Status-Configuration Submitted".  What happens next?

The client was using the cPanel SSL.

Am I looking for that to change? 
Do i need to do anything else?



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Is this through Market Connect? Has the certificate been issues and/or installed? Is it a Domain Validated, Organization Validated or Extended Validation certificate?

You can use SSL Shopper to check the status if it has been issued: https://www.sslshopper.com/ssl-checker.html

If it has been issued, you need to make sure it's been installed too. The link above will tell you that after you enter the domain. See if it says 'issued by Sectigo' (which would be the cPanel SSL) or 'issued by Geotrust'.

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Hi, @evolve hosting

Thanks for helping a newbie here....

Yes,  bought through Market Connect. It is a GeoTrust QuickSSL Premium

It has been issued & installed (i think - "Digicert Order Status says Pending")

Do I need to do something else to install it? It still says the old cPanel SSL is being used. Sorry to be ignorant here, I have always used the FreeSSL.  When I try to retrieve the certificate it says it has not been issued yet. Maybe I just need to wait?


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I don't use MarketConnect but if it says the order status is pending, I'm going to guess that the certificate hasn't been issued yet.

From https://knowledge.digicert.com/generalinformation/INFO1572.html

Why is my order pending?
DigiCert Authentication teams begin processing all orders as quickly as possible and your SSL/TLS Certificate will be issued once authentication is complete. For the benefit of you and your customers, all certificate orders undergo a stringent authentication process to confirm the legitimacy of the submitted organization, common name and the certificate requester. During the validation process, DigiCert will send you communications on any required actions that need to be completed by you.  

QuickSSL Premium is domain validated so as long as you've submitted the CNAME or file verification, it should be issued quickly.

Hopefully someone else can chime in about support for MarketConnect. I'm guessing you need to open a ticket to WHMCS if you run into issues.


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