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  1. I'll step out of the discussion. It seemed like this was being over thought / over complicated.
  2. I wasn't going to reply but my reason for asking him why he was asking all of these questions is because I thought they were already answered and/or self explanatory.
  3. @WHMCS John when I tested this, I had each product in separate product groups. Maybe that is the difference? I have not had time to try anything else out recently but I will try to do so this week.
  4. Why are you asking all of these questions? You would go through and manually renew any other domains that you wanted through the client portal afterwards. If you don't want to renew for any longer at the moment, you'll do nothing and wait until your annual invoice arrives the next year to renew again.
  5. Which domain registrar are you using and how do you have this configured on the admin side of WHMCS?
  6. You installed the module that OpenSRS themselves developed and maintain? I'd suggest contacting them for an update. https://help.opensrs.com/hc/en-us/articles/204237763-Install-and-use-the-OpenSRS-Domains-Pro-module-for-WHMCS Are they actively developing it or do you have an outdated module installed? https://marketplace.whmcs.com/product/2070-opensrs-domains-pro
  7. They sort of serve 2 different purposes. Take a look at the docs for more details: https://docs.whmcs.com/PayPal_Basic https://docs.whmcs.com/PayPal_Checkout
  8. Thank you for answering him. I couldn't figure out why he kept asking these same questions so I didn't answer.
  9. If it's implemented properly, you don't need to worry about 'losing a valuable domain'. You'd set a date to send the invoice and the script would run a query on the database to fetch all domains with an expiration date within 365 days of the date to send the invoice. Am I missing something else?
  10. @WHMCS Sachin mod_authn_socache and mod_expires and php74-php-opcache are installed. You're saying I can't use any of these with WHMCS? I think I'll just refresh the screen to keep the benefits of opcache.
  11. I do want to make sure that this isn't lost in the thread. I think there needs to be a check that says 'if upsell product is already in the cart, don't suggest it again'.
  12. Hi @WHMCS John How about just allowing us to save a renewal price for a 10 year renewal on the admin side? I think that would take care of it because you already have the code in place through the customer portal to prevent them from going over the 10 year mark. If we can save that price on the admin side, we can override as an admin (dealing with our customers that mail in checks or pay a little bit later, etc), how we see fit for our customers.
  13. Hi @WHMCS John Thanks for letting me know. Personally not a fan of Chrome so I'll get it dialed in with FireFox.
  14. Fresh install. No custom theme or template in place. No additional mods or code changes. It works when I click the 'continue' or 'add to cart' button and I see it working on the register / checkout page. It must have been a browser cache issue when I was testing yesterday.
  15. Are you using the 'require domain' option and are you 'using an existing domain' or trying to register / transfer one during the process?
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