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  1. Or just click this link https://www.whmcs.com/pricing/ and then click the 'get started' button for whichever license and you'll see on that next page that it has no branding. For example: Plus License No Branding. Permits up to 250 Clients. Includes all features of the WHMCS Core Product and Standard Email/Ticket Support. Can be upgraded at any time.
  2. Yes, I missed this initially. Are you able to login to this users account at yourdomain.com/clientarea.php ? Just trying to help even though I've never seen this issue before.
  3. Depends on your monthly volume. Always had good luck with chase / authorize.net
  4. If you're comfortable working within the database, you can just change the enabled status of CaptchaSetting in tblconfiguration. Edit it to 'off' (no quotes). That should allow you to login again and change whatever settings you want. Based on your screenshot, it looks like you have the wrong domain set at the Google reCaptcha site https://www.google.com/recaptcha/about/
  5. I don't think it's happening becasue of the coding from WHMCS. It works fine on our site. It sounds like it may be related to the configuration of your server.
  6. Well, now that it's reported, hopefully @WHMCS will fix it
  7. Take a look at the structure for your tblaffiliateshistory It should look like the structure shown in the image I've attached. I think you may be missing the invoice_id column
  8. I guess we've been lucky. 8.3 has been good overall. We don't use MarketConnect or a handful of the other features but the ones that we do use are working properly.
  9. Hi, Is anyone else seeing this when you view the twenty one theme on mobile? Desktop has no issues.
  10. Perfect. This works. For anyone else making this change, there are 2 places for each variable that need to be updated in this file.
  11. On clientareadomains.tpl the page shows a different date format and does not show the renewal price. Was this on purpose? The services and invoice pages show the client date format assigned under system settings and the services page shows the renewal price
  12. I figured it out in case any one else ever looks for this: {if $addonstatus.idprotection}
  13. I want to add a little bit of text on the 'addons' page of clientareadomaindetails.tpl if privacy protection is enabled. This is what I have but the IF variable is not correct. I've tried several variations. I also added {debug} to the top of the file (using Twenty-One theme) and it doesn't show the variables like SIX does. Edit: {debug} is working on the Twenty-One template. I am trying to write this: {if $isprivacyon eq "true"} <p>DISPLAY SOME TEXT</p> {/if} This is wrong: $isprivacyon eq "true" Does anyone know the right variable and mind helping me out? Thanks! I use the LCDRM module from Resellerclub-Mods so that may mean the variable is different from original WHMCS smarty variable?
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