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Payment Gateway Page Is Blank


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I have searched the forum and found similar issues as mine but none of the suggestions are working for me. I have a blank, empty Payment Gateways page. It used to work. I had PayPal as my selected gateway. PayPal still shows up as the pay method for my order form and invoices. A client just paid an invoice and the money was in my PayPal account so I assume PayPal is still set as my payment gateway but the page won't load. I haven't loaded anything into the folder... never opened it until tonight and only after I read a few other posts about the issue with other folks. I did see a file in there from my ftp client but I'm sure it's been there since I uploaded in mid November 2007 for the first and only time and the payment gateways page worked fine. Since it worked before I assume it was a clean install. I've never upgraded. I looked for a file call subscriptionsuccess.php or something similar (as recommended in another post) and it's not in the gateways folder either.

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I'm just taking a shot in the dark but did you try clearing your templates_c folder?


I know it's a cache of the templates, and if something got fubar'd somehow and your original template looks fine then try this.


Other than that, I don't know.


Let me know if that works.



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Actually I have, but for a different issue. I was working on a custom page that I built and the breadcrumb link thing wasn't working after I put in some code suggested by Matt in another post. I emptied it then and my links showed up. But I didn't think to check my Payment Gateways page at the time. I just did and unfornately it's still blank. Thanks for the tip though.

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This issue is caused when you have a duplicate of a file or another file that is not a gateway module inside the modules/gateways folder. Try deleting the entire folder and then reupload from the latest zip file making sure your FTP program doesn't add anything.



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