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Get Server Account Usage

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I'm trying to get the number of accounts/users on servers using feeds.

Has anyone accomplished this?

Basically want to pull number with that feed (ie 10/20 allowed on LA #1 server) and create a variable for a status page.

I can probably use stock levels, but I'd rather pull from server usage instead of setting up stock levels for all of those products and fighting suspensions, etc for an accurate reading.



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at it's most basic, the data feed code would be along the lines of...


# Server Accounts Data Feed
# Written by brian!

use WHMCS\Application;
use WHMCS\Database\Capsule;

<script language="javascript" src="feeds/serveraccounts.php?serverid=1"></script>

	$whmcs = Application::getInstance();
	$serverid = $whmcs->get_req_var('serverid');
	$num_accounts = Capsule::table('tblservers_remote')->where('server_id', $serverid)->value('num_accounts');
	$max_accounts = Capsule::table('tblservers')->where('id', $serverid)->value('maxaccounts');
	if (!is_numeric($serverid) || empty($serverid)) {
		$accountusage = 'Server ID Not Found';
	} elseif ($max_accounts > 0) {
		$accountusage = $num_accounts.' / '.$max_accounts;
	echo "document.write('".$accountusage."');";

and you would call it in the page by using (assuming the data feed file is called serveraccounts.php and checking the relevant path to the file is correct)....

<script language="javascript" src="feeds/serveraccounts.php?serverid=1"></script>

if the serverid value is valid (e.g it's a number, the server ID of that # exists and it allows more than 0 accounts on it), then it should return "number of accounts  /  max number of accounts" (e.g 12/200).

the output can be expanded to whatever you need it to be (within reason!) - so hopefully if gives you a starting point...

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Finally getting around to testing this out, thanks!

After looking at my database, there are no entries in tblservers_remote. How is that table populated?

Where does WHMCS pull these active accounts from?


tblhosting? We could probably pull id from server column where domainstatus is active and add up.

Any idea on that side?


Thanks again for all your help! ❤️

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