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SSL Sync Cron

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From the documentation it says SSL Sync will Check validity of SSL Certificates on services and domains. We don't sell/use domains in any of our services, yet after the cron completes we get 12 Synced under SSL Sync.

So what exactly does SSL Sync do?


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  • WHMCS Technical Analyst

Hi @notdonski

The SSL check will use the domain field of each service and check the validity of the certificate at that location.  The cron task will cycle through the services in batches of 100, checking the entry in the domain field.

If you would like to stop the cron from performing that check each day then you can use the `skip` option so that the `--SslSync` task does not run.  To do this please edit your cron job and add the following to the end:

 skip --SslSync

So your cron will look something like:

php -q /home/username/crons/cron.php skip --SslSync

Each time the daily cron tasks now run the SSL check will be skipped.



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Thanks for the response @WHMCS PeterM.

Like I mentioned in my original post we don't sell/use/have any domains configured on any of our services,  so I'm trying to figure out where the 12 is coming from. The SSL Certificate Monitoring report is empty as well. Is there a query that I can use to check?

I'm familiar with skipping from the docs, but is it harmless to leave this on anyway?

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37 minutes ago, WHMCS PeterM said:

If you would like to stop the cron from performing that check each day

We all would, actually. Why is it so difficult to have WHMCS add things like this as a checkbox to ENABLE if you want it and off by default?
It would really be appreciated. 

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  • 5 months later...

Thanks for this thread.  We do not sell SSL certs in a specific iteration of WHMCS.  The check of SslSync was hanging and not allowing the cron job (daily) to finish. I deduced to use the " skip -SslSync" command and it seemed to work.

This thread, then, helped me determine that it was OK to add this to my daily cron job command.




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