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As of V3.4 the seperate PayPal Invoices and PayPal Subscriptions modules were combined into one single module. If you still have the two seperate ones that just means they are left over from the previous versions but shouldn't really be in the modules folder any longer.



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Why was paypal invoices removed? I've had nothing but trouble in the past with clients using PayPal subscriptions and forgetting about it and being clueless about paypal. I ended up cancelling all my paypal subscriptions and having all my clients invoiced with a link to paypal to pay.


It seems this is was possible in the old WHMCS but is not possible now?


(ps I'm trialling WHMCS)

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I was looking into that today too. I just found out that the emailed invoice shows two PayPal buttons: one for subscription and the other for the normal check out. I don't want the subscription button to show.


Matt, wouldn't be better to have the two PayPal gateways separated as before instead of combining them both? We should be able to choose not to use subscription without having to call on you for a custom modification. Less work for you. ;)

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I think the best solution would be to have a setting within WHMCS (preferably on a per product basis, but we may be one of the very few companies that would disable PayPal Subscriptions at a product level) to disable PayPal Subscriptions. This way people that want to offer it can, and people that don't want to offer it don't have to.

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