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Display Level 2 Tax in Invoice

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I've setup level 1 and Level 2 tax for export countries. I want to show both the taxes. Right now Calculations are good but Level 2 Tax is now showing up in invoice view or PDF.

Screenshot: http://prntscr.com/jm9bcn (same thing for PDF invoice)

However, L1 and L2 tax are showing up correctly for My country taxes. Screenshot: http://prntscr.com/jm9drn

I've set

18% IGST as a Level 1 tax and

-18% IGST Exempted as a Level 2 tax

(exports are exempted and we have to mention it)


I checked template files, both have tax2 code there.

I'm using 7.4.2 version, template Six.


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15 hours ago, vinod41 said:

I checked template files, both have tax2 code there.

the problem is that WHMCS is passing the negative $taxrate2 value to the invoice as 0... therefore the if statement isn't triggered... also, it nulls the $taxname2 variable... I really don't think WHMCS expected it's users to ever use negative tax rates. :)

the partial good news is that the $taxrate2 value is stored correctly in the database, so you can pull that value out using a hook...


but the taxname2 isn't, so you'd have to make an educated guess with the query... if you only have one -18% L2 tax rate, then that's simple enough... if there are multiple, it could be a nightmare!

also, you couldn't use a hook on the invoicepdf, so you'd have to embed the query into the file itself... and you'll run into a similar issue with the email invoice as that won't mention negative tax rates in it's output either.

there are a few GST products in Marketplace and it might be worth checking them out to see if they have a solution for this problem - otherwise, you're going to end up having to make a lot of modifications to get this to work.

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Thanks for tip Brian.

for now, I've renamed the tax1 name to Exempted. I've 1 -ve tax for each country.

Total = $ 100
Tax1 Exempted = 18%
Tax2 (exempted)= -18%
Grand Total $ 100


I'll see how my CA responds to it, else action hook or query will be a solution as you suggested. 

In Marketplace, there are 2 addons for India GST. both seems not updated for quiet a long. Guess I'll stick to what I'm doing for now.

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