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Config. Option/Add-ons/Other product service - when and why?


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I'm still grappling with when to use which and am curious in which instance folks choose one over the other. One time items must be add-ons I believe, so things like SSL Certs, although they could also be setup as their own product/service of type "other". Items like Ded. IP's, Additional Disk Space, BW etc. seem like they could be either config options or add-ons. What do you use for what and why?

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I hope someone will reply to this with a complete answer as this is my large question right now. I dont have many clients I am just starting to open to more than friends so a lot of this wasnt necessary. But now stuff I had done before looks strange when ordered by someone.


I made a service lets say an update service. Monthly updates for a monthly price. I made it a Product/Service....but when I finally had someone to order it it made a whole new client out of them on the clients list with no domains listed.

In the client side it did have under my products and services the name of these services which I liked but now that I made it an add on when I go to client side and check it says no hosting packages in products and services. It is however in the addons for the hosting package details view.


Could someone do a thorough explanation of this set of controls please.



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So does this mean NO ONE knows the difference? hahahaha

Configurable options are very poorly documented, in my opinion. But for one forum posting by RobK, there is practically nothing about them.


I shared my frustration with Matt yesterday and he said to look up the manual. I could be wrong, but there is nothing about them in the manual.

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I'm pretty sure that configurable options will be invoiced as part of the hosting package and on the same billing cycle, whereas add-ons get invoiced separately and can have their own billing cycles. Beyond that, it's not clear to me when to use one over the other. I suppose one could make all items such as ded. IP's, SSL certs, Add'l Disk Space and BW etc. both add-ons and config options. That way the customer would have multiple ways of purchasing them. The of course there are "other services"...which could be any of those things as well....

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