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Client Login Problem


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We have been working on a issue with not being able to login in. Our clients cant log in to the member area. When you put your username and password, and hit enter nothing happens. Also when trying to log into and admin i have to click Keep me logged in until I logout.


We have done everything we can on the server side. I have no idea why this is not working. This is a big problem because are going to go live next week. Please let me know what I should do.



Does anyone have any ideas why that is not work???

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I had a client complain that he could never get logged in the first attempt. Turns out he was visiting our site without the www on the URL, and I was able to duplicate the problem when visiting the non-www URL as well. I used mod_rewrite to force all requests to the www form and that seems to have cleared it up.

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On both our installs the login page comes up with the www even if coming from a referring page that doesn't contain the www. If manually typing the login url without the www our installs log in fine.


Now I did notice that if trying to view an invoice without the www I get an access denied page. Even though I was logged in.


EDIT: The access denied only occurred one time trying to view an invoice. Every time since then it does fine.

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Do you have Suhosin installed on the Server?

The vast majority of php installations use MD5 for encryption, which gives a 34 character hash.

Suhosin uses BlowFish encryption by default, which gives a 60 character hash.


I do not know which encryption WHMCS use - maybe Matt enlighten us.

If WHMCS client table has a field length of 50 characters for the password hash, so logically there could never be a match if BlowFish/Suhosin was used.


Use phpMyAdmin or similar and change the clients password field from 50 characters to 100 characters and try again.

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