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After 10 years of inactivity on coding for WHMCS, I'm coming back with the release of a Blog system. During these 10 years, I've released 50+ Major AddOns for vBulletin, and if not all, 90% of them release for free. That's why I decided, at least this module to be free, with some exceptions. No Lite, Pro versions tricks. The version that I'll release should has all the features. The only difference comparing with the paid version (because should be a paid version to have some profits), is that the free version should be with copyright link and encoded. Fair deal. As I seen most of WHMCS paid modules are encoded and with copyright links. You need to pay extra to get unencoded version (if is available), or to remove the copyright link. My paid version should be fair enough for all. You get for free a fully working Blog system. If you don't like encoded scripts or if you becoming sick with copyright links you pay a small fee and you'll get the exact same version without copyright links and with 100% visible source code.


Now let's focus to some of the features. I'm listing the most important:

  • Unlimited depth of categories
  • You can assign permissions on your Admin roles per category. eg Support team can post in AAA category but not in BBB category
  • SEO Friendly URLs
  • Are you a solo company? That's fine, me too :) ...But you most probably you want to show to your clients and visitors that you're a big team there. I care of you. You've the ability to create as many profiles you want, with any data and photos you like, and when you post an article to choose who will appears as article poster. Really cool, don't you agree? :idea: Going one step ahead, each of your team member can set his/her own profiles. Limit is the sky !!
  • Articles can have, in addition to main photo, a full photo gallery.
  • Transfer articles between categories
  • Transfer articles between profiles
  • Comments. Here you go social if you use them correct. By default I'm using Disqus comments as they allow users to post with their FB, Twitter, Google+ accounts or by email. But if you've a Facebook page (not Facebook account, not Facebook group), I suggest you to use Facebook comments. In person, and in real tests, I found them more valueable. There is a trick in FB settings where you can connect your Facebook page with Facebook comments in your site. The trick is that when someone posts in your site the comment appears in your FB page. If someone posts in your FB page the comment appears in your website. Really useful feature if you take in account that most users like to stay always online in FB.
  • Profile modal popup in frontend. You'll like it.

That's for the moment. Have finished the admincp code, which means 80% of the module as most code is there. Now left to work in clientarea. Hopefully during weekend I'll be able to finish and release it. The good point is that I'm making deep beta testing to minimize bugs.


Thank you for reading








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Chris, when will this be available? also on the demo what is the form software you are using too pls?


Forum :) .... Actually I'm not using it. Is on the queue to redesign/recode just after releasing Social Blog. I've released this forum back to 2007, so it's 10 years old. Outdated !! But I'll use the skeleton to release a new one with more features. eg Thread prefixes. I've some doubts to include Private Messages (Multiuser convertations), as WHMCS focus to hosting and don't know if webmasters want it. Maybe I'll add the code and then let webmaster to decide to activate it or not.


If you're interesting for Forum, and without to be selfish, I'm suggest you to wait till end of May. I count myself Forum specialist, so I want the Forum module to be my flagship (for WHMCS). Another good point is that it will follows the same releasing terms like Blog (as all WHMCS mods that I'll release):

  1. Encoded with Copyright Link: Free without any missing feature. No Lite and Pro versions here.
  2. Encoded, Brand Free and Ticketing support with a small fee
  3. 100% visible source code, Brand Free, Ticketing support Small fee X 2 :)
  4. And something very important. No limit on installations as long as your installation domains are yours.


As for your question. Tomorrow I'll try to build (somehow) my website to be able to give at least the minimums to users: Download availability and Forum support. It's a boring work for me and if I see that it takes me more than 2 days, I'll add the file as attachment here. I'll also release it to Marketplace but as I read it can takes up to a month to be available there.

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Thanks for the update, we have looked for an integrated forum for a long time, there was one available on here but didn`t meet our needs, support was not that good either, so would be a welcome addition for many I believe.


We use a seperate blog system external to WHMCS at present, yours though looks alot better so willing to wait on both of them :)

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After all I decided to put a price for the mod. Is the price that I had in mind to ask for Brand Free version (Brand free is now including by default).

If something change to bypass those problems, the mod should be Free.

*** EDITED ***

You can download it for Free (as I promised) and without even to register at:


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