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New Features, Bug Fixes and More Now Available in Version 7.2

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We need your help with testing Version 7.2! The beta is now available for all WHMCS users. Users of WHMCS 7 can download the update using the Automatic Update utility and users of earlier versions can download it here. Once you're running the beta you can join in on the discussion here.


Version 7.2 introduces a variety of new features and functionality as well as improvements and bug fixes. The Changelog page contains a complete lists of what has been implemented. Make sure to check it out!


What's New in WHMCS 7.2?


Automated SSL Provisioning - With WHMCS 7.2, you can resell SSL Certificates from RapidSSL, GeoTrust and Symantec with fully automated provisioning and deployment to cPanel Hosting Accounts. With pre-made landing pages to educate users about SSL, and fully automated CSR generation and certificate installation, users can purchase SSL Certificates from you and have SSL protection on their website in minutes, without any manual interaction required. Now WHMCS powered web hosts can offer their customers a fast, easy and convenient solution to their SSL needs with certificates from the worlds leading brands in Internet Security.


Weebly Website Builder Integration - With WHMCS 7.2 you can offer the Weebly Website Builder platform to your customers to make it easier for them to build a successful website. The Weebly site builder provides a powerful and easy to use drag and drop editor that allows even those customers with no technical background to create a great looking website and publish it to your web hosting. This new integration comes with a pre-made landing page and offers fully automated provisioning, management and publishing of websites.


SpamExperts Email Services Integration - With WHMCS 7.2, you can resell Spam Filtering and Email Archiving solutions from SpamExperts. With SpamExperts, you can offer your customers a professional email solution that protects them against spam and viruses to make email useful again.


WHMCS MarketConnect - All of the above services are being made available through WHMCS MarketConnect, a new platform that provides simple one-click setup & activation along with pre-made landing pages that give you everything you need to start selling. With deeper integration into the user experience and full automation, WHMCS MarketConnect makes it easy to expand your product line-up. Learn more


Domain Extension Pricing - Back in WHMCS 7.2 is a domain pricing matrix allowing your clients to browse the domain extensions you offer, their pricing, as well as highlighting your spotlight extensions in a new graphical based format.


SEPA and Direct Debit Payments - A new integration with SlimPay enables you to start accepting payments from UK and EU customers via Direct Debit. Direct Debit has a number of benefits over traditional credit card based payments such as no need to worry about expiry dates, payment limits and card theft and loss affecting your payment collection.



Useful Links When Testing Version 7.2


Release Notes

We have made available extensive release notes relating to the Version 7.2 Beta 1 Release. We encourage you to read them in full before you begin.




The WHMCS Changelog pages contain complete lists of what has been implemented for each release.



How to Report a Potential Bug

Learn how to report a potential bug in our recent thread in the beta discussion forum.


What We're Looking For From Our Testers


The aim with pre-releases is to have them used in as many different configurations and scenarios as possible. There are so many different ways to leverage the functionality available in WHMCS, and so many modules, customizations and add-ons, that nothing beats real-life testing and feedback.


So please, keep us informed, tell us what you've tried, and what the results were, good or bad, and for those who contribute the most, we'll make sure you are recognized for it. :)

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I can't believe bug CORE-10906 is still not fixed in Beta 7.2. I will assume it will not be fixed when 7.2 is released at this point. I will be out of business by then if I don't drop WHMCS....or downgrade back to version 6 so I can offer domains again.


Does someone at WHMCS realize how serious this is? I can't sell domains for almost 2 months since I upgraded to 7.


It was working correctly in the 7 Beta and it was bugged in the final 7 release. Why can't developers just fix the code to how it was working in the Beta 7 code? I assume developers use versioning so I can't seem to figure out how hard it is to just compare the files...and revert back to how it was on the Beta.


This seems like a very simple bug to fix regarding the domain look ups. Without a correct look up, extensions fails, and you can't sell domains.


And bug 10934 is not in the list either. A major security risk and still not fixed....


One a big feature that is broken, another one for something that worked for years in WHMCS without issues (broken in 7) and now does not and potentially is a big security risks because its allowing duplicated orders to pass trough the ordering system. I will not comment on public for obvious reasons, but it is a security risks for people having some modules and services that think WHMCS is blocking existing orders when its not and can be easily bypassed.



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