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Looking for a developer to integrate WHNCS with the IASO soap API

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IASO Provide the backup service on Cloud. It has API to manage Backups and accounts with Soap API.

API is categories as below parts


1. Partner API: We can create, delete, update and view the partners

2. User Management : With this api we can manage users for specific partners.

3. Contact Management : with this api we can manage the contacts of specific partners.

4. Device Management : it is used to manage backup Devices for a specific Partner. A backup device is used to identify a backup client.

5. Product management : With this API we can manage products for specific Partners.

6. Storage management : We can manage Storage and storage nodes of a specific partner.

7. Notification management : We can manage notification. With this API notification rule can be create, update ,delete, enable , disable etc.

8. Location management : To add Location.

9. Reporting service : Its related to show the reports for storage (backup/restores).



How it will work with WHMCS :


We will develop a provisioning module and one addon module. With addon module we will add plans to IASO. These plan will be assign during module configuration in WHMCS. When Provisioning module add partner that plan will be assign. Module will also have option to manage locations. We will list all location during order.


Add-on module will also have feature to add , update delete notification template.



Provisioning Module will have two sections


Admin Section :


1. Create : Module will create partner,user, device and storage.

2. Terminate : Delete the partner and related data.

3. change Password

4. View status : Module will show the partner information


Client Side :


1. View data : Partner can view his details (partner details, location, storage etc)

2. Manage user

3. Manage Storage

4. Manage Contacts

5. Notifications

7. Reports.


For time estimate & Cost Please contact here

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