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Database / Capsule - Where Conditions


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Hi, guys.


Why the database interaction with Capsule, isn't working the same way as in Laravel ?


Capsule::table('tblinvoices')->where('status', 'Unpaid')->where('duedate', '<=', 'DATE(DATE_ADD(NOW(), INTERVAL -2 DAY))')->get()


When I use this statement, I'm getting invoices that I'm not supposed to, because it is ignoring the "<=" operator, any thoughts of why is this ?


Also tried this one:


                                                       ['duedate', '<=', 'DATE(DATE_ADD(NOW(), INTERVAL -2 DAY))'],


Where the result is still the same, getting invoices with a duedate of 2017/04/02 when it wasn't supposed to happen. :)


Ok, I could only fix it, by using whereRaw():


Capsule::table('tblinvoices')->whereRaw("status = 'Unpaid' AND duedate <= DATE(DATE_ADD(NOW(), INTERVAL -2 DAY))")->get()


But actually, it was supposed to work the way I've shown above before, wasn't it ?

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You are looking for whereDate :) - WHMCS uses the queries outlined in Laravel here: https://laravel.com/docs/5.4/queries


You can use whereDate, for example:


$invoices = Capsule::table('tblinvoices')
   ->whereDate('duedate', '2016-12-31')


So we can also use Carbon objects here - I am kind of obsessed with making my code look/work beautifully, and carbon helps do this!


Is this maybe what you're looking for?


use Carbon;

$invoices = Capsule::table("tblinvoices")
   ->where("status", "Unpaid")
   ->whereDate("duedate", "<=", Carbon::now()->subDays(2))


We can be better though, you know WHMCS has the Invoice class so you don't even have to play with the database?


use Carbon;
use WHMCS\Billing\Invoice;

// You don't have to order by, this is just an example 
$invoices = Invoice::orderBy("id", "desc")
   ->where("status", "Unpaid")
   ->whereDate("duedate", "<=", Carbon::now()->subDays(2))

foreach ($invoices as $invoice) {
   // these are all Invoice classes


Hopefully that helps :)

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