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CPanel Hash?


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I had a previous support ticket from a hacker as well as the one below, I checked the server, updated mod_security etc then today wierd things kept happening. We are still investigating what has happened. They are after cash to close the hole, we are trying to track down how they got in, ALL passwords have been altered. Unfortunately they cleared their tracks, even in whmcs


I got a support ticket earlier today from the hacker as below:




I think I already told you that, there is a big security problem in your server. But you closed my ticket without replying me.

I already sent you a screenshot of your WHM root area.


I don't know why you neglected my that ticket. I also sent you another on after 2 days. You again neglected that.


I hacked your server with the help of that security hole. And you see, how did I change your paypal payment address to some one else address!


I entered into your whm as root. And also I decrypted your whmcs password. and entered into whmcs too!


As far as I know, no one in this world has found such security hole, And I am offering you to fix it for $60 onetime.


See, I got your server root password before 2 or 3 days, But I did not do anything bad with your server.


Do not neglect this ticket and reply me. If I did not get any reply within 24hrs then :()


For the second proof, I added my email id in your WHM->Basic cPanel/WHM Setup

Check and confirm it.

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Are you using the access key that you create when logged in as the username you're entering in WHMCS? If logged in as root and creating a "hash", then logging in as a reseller from WHMCS, that probably won't work.



Bear could you please explain this in alitte more detail, my brain isn't functioning after working on 3 of these sites since yesterday non stop and I am having problems getting the one to automate the setup and I keep getting the Login Failed error.


I am a reseller of a hosting company and I went into my WHM and copied the Remote Access Key from my Hosting Plan and entered it into the Config/Server Manager with my username and have tried multiple times getting this to work. And once I get one of these done then I have 2 more to follow, LOL.


Thanks Much in advance.


Ron S.

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