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Kai Hiwatari

Need Help fixing issues

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I would like to know what is needed to be done to fix these errors in WHMCS.


1) Required PHP Extensions

The following PHP extensions are required for WHMCS to be able to fully function:



2) Installed cURL Version

You currently have version 7.19.7 of cURL installed. This version is known to have security issues.


3) Automatic Update Requirements

Automatic Updates require the whmcs directory /vendor/whmcs/whmcs/ to be writable.

Automatic Updates require a writeable directory for staging files during an update. You must provide a directory via the Updater Configuration before you can update.


4) The following PHP extensions are recommended for best performance and trouble free operation. While optional for core WHMCS functionality, certain modules and addons may require them to fully function as intended:






Thank you

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Hi, I may not be much help, some of these errors are not too hard to fix,


1) Required PHP Extensions there is some info here how to setup email piping so the ticket system will work:



if you have already seen this let me know.


2) you may need to update curl, talk to your hosting service provider, tech support, they sometimes have neat ways of updating server-side software such as PHP, curl, and more. Sometimes latest software is on their servers but it has to be updated to run whatever version you perfer because not all types of website software like osCommerce are compatable with the latest versions of server side software due to osCommerce never updating their technologies like the rest of the world.


3)your hosting company can make the folder writable for you or it can be done on your servers control panel


4)its just a guess but, Ask your hosting company if they can show you a list of enabled and disabled server-side software and ask them if soap and xmlrcp are enabled on the server, ask them to enable it.

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Hello Kai,


1 & 4) Please contact your host to install imap, soap & xmlrpc. Some hosts also allow you to add these via your Control Panel


2) Again your host can update this for you, its not a big issue but just see if they can upload the latest version of CURL


3) Please set the directory /vendor/whmcs/whmcs/ to use the permissions 0644 in regards to the automatic updater path, you'll need to create a new folder with the permissions 0644 or 0777 and specify this at Utilities -> Update WHMCS -> Configure Update Settings. Please refer to http://docs.whmcs.com/Automatic_Updater#Setting_a_Temporary_Update_Path for more information

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