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Hey guys,


I signed up with RegisterFly Accouny about a week ago. I noticed when I applied, I never received any type of email confrming it, but it still went through, which I thought was odd. Then about four days later, I noticed I had still not gotten an email telling me I had been confirmed yet or not.


So, I logged into RF, and went to the reseller area and now notice that I have a reseller management area. So, I sent them in a ticket, and asked if this was it. They said that it indeed was, and that my account was accepted and activated. I thought this was odd, becasue I still hadn't received any documentation on the usage of the account.


So, I try contacting their support again to send me the emails that were necessary, but they keep telling me that I need to whitelist them... when that makes no sense since I am using gmail and get nothing in my inbox nor spam folder.


So, I tried asking them a few questions on various functions in the reseller planel, but I I keep getting "I do not understand question", when it is pretty obvious and simple to what I am asking.


Just wondering if anyone else here is familiar with the RF reseller deal, and maybe could answer a few questions I have?




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Seems kind of odd they wouldn't tell you how to use the thing.


Anyways, anyone know what the "Ip Address Management" section is for under the Reseller Management area? Also, is there a minimum amount of funds that need to be added, or can I just add $6.50 to give it a test run?




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Welcome to registerfly;


Welcome to RegisterFly.com


RegisterFly.com offers the most complete and powerful domain registration management solutions available anywhere. We also offer some of the lowest prices and best service of any domain registration company. A few benefits of RegisterFly.com are:



Over 50 Extensions Supported

We support over 20 TLD's. Now you can have your .CC, .TV . US, .BIZ, .CO.UK, .CA , .CN (and many others) domains and manage them from one location. We support transfers for many domains. Consolidate your names to RegisterFly.com


Plenty of Free Services

While some registrars offer a handful of free services, we offer a HUGE amount. From URL forwarding/framing, free website, free e-mail account, free anti-spam service to e-mail forwarding it is 100% FREE!


Members only specials

Monthly newsletters with special pricing discounts and offers are sent to our valued members. With promotions get transfers as low as $6.99 and registration as low as $7.99


Revenue opportunities

From our Domain Marketplace where you can buy/sell domains, our affiliate program paying 10% of each sale or our Domain Paid Parking Services. You have a number of innovative ways to turn domains into real $$$


Live 24 x 7 support

We have real people on hand to answer your questions, 24 x 7. Most other registrars offer email only support or work a 9 - 5 day. We have a large staff available around the clock to serve you


Value added products

In addition to low domain price we also offer a number of value added plans. Whois Protection - Protect your privacy, SiteAlert - Monitor your web hosts, FLyDeletes - Deleted Lists, Expired Names - Grab expired names and more


Application confirmation;


Your application for the ResellerFly.com reseller program has been approved. You can start downloading the API and manage your reseller account by selecting the link below. If you have any questions please access our support system and raise a support ticket category Reseller Support and our support team will quickly handle your request.




Thank you for being a ResellerFly partner and we look forward to a long mutually beneficial relationship

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What is it you are trying to do? Their reseller area is not designed to be "used". You can't register or transfer domains from the RegisterFly site as a reseller - you only get the $6.50 pricing when you perform functions with RegisterFly via the API - using a program known by most as WHMCS :)





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  • 2 weeks later...
Sent in a ticket about the IP address section.


Also, I just noticed this as a feature of the reseller accounts:


Domain deletions allow within 4 day cycle


What exactly is this?





I've got a ticket open about this right now. only two days old... :|


I also got a welcome email as a mater of point.

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That means that if you receive a fraudulent payment or they cancel the order, you can reverse the domain purchase. You've got a 4 day period after purchase to do so.


Great feature on their part. Looking foward to selling domains with them.

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don't know if anybody else has noticed this but there is a new api command for listdomains.


also, two things i have discovered from tickets. from september the registrar details will be listed as the resellers information which is a nice advertising feature. and .co.uk domains can be registered via the api for $5.99 per year, which is actually very competative.

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Registerfly, sometimes is like a bad webhost.

The type that offers "unlimited" Hard Drive space one of those magic hard drives I cant seem to get my hands on, and the servers go down becos they couldnt cope with the 2 people rush.


Sometimes their great, efficient, fast cheap.

Sometimes it'll take a nameserver 2 weeks to update on their systems before it actually points elsewhere. One week arguing in support tickets and one week for some dude to approve the update.


Maybe others have had better luck than I?

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Took two weeks for my .com's namesevers to update on their systems and get approved.

Godaddy/Directi/enome/and other registrars take max a day. How do you think I reacted?


Otherwise their allright yeah...

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Sometimes they're great, sometimes they're good. I wouldn't say I've ever had a negative experience with Registerfly, but sometimes they're not spectacular. Take two days ago, for example. No registrations all day due to some "upgrade" that they were performing.


However, when it does work, I've seen instant registration / propagation which is phenomenal and dns changes have always been snappy.

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I'm not too sure about them at present.


My first order was for a .co.uk and got the errror:


Unable to register name 720 Our system is experiencing technical difficulties, please try again later.If problem persists, please contact support and state error message: REM server: -702, the Registries for the following tld(s) cannot be accessed at this time:co.uk, org.uk, me.uk, net.uk, ltd.uk, plc.uk


I contacted support who said, leave it 24 hours. 3 days later I'm still getting the same error.


My .com order when through on the second submission after some random error clicking the first time.


There pricing is good, if only there system was consistent I'd be happy. But three support tickets over my first 2 domain orders is not looking good.

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