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WHMCS Forums Hacked??


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ok well i saw today that one day i visite the site jsut to see if any new relaesase or patches came out i noticed the site had been defaced


now im kind of scared seeing how this could have been me maybe he was nice hacker.


idk it says he sent u the code so that u can fix thew bug but please do thank you

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Not at all, we disabled access to the site while we tried to prevent the hacker being able to deface the forums and homepage again. And in response to your previous post, a hackers aim is to cause damage and concern to what he hacks - in this case our company. You cannot take the messages posted as valid.


Please don't speculate without knowing any of the facts - it's only going to lead to confusion.



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yop matt doesnt matter whmcs still the best i mean i pay monthly i had clietnexec trash so called trash ..


got hacked using it plus u release updates every 2 weeks they dont..


how close it that sub reseller thing done


i know some people who are master resellers from me and looking for a script for auto set up

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I didn't have time to design my own (I have like 5 redesigns half done on my desktop), so I bought one and edited to my needs. Much faster.


About that domain, are you sure about that?

From domaintools: Domain Status: Never Registered Before


[Rick was faster, I did the same searches]

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positive it was my old site i had it for 4 years idk?

Funny that there seems to be no record of that name ever having been registered, so I though maybe you misspelled it? You seemed to be saying it was running on SMF as well, is that correct?

From SMF:

March 10, 2004, SMF made its public debut with the first public SMF release available to everyone.

Seems unlikely, based on all of the above, unless you moved it to SMF later in it's existence. Sorry, but a site with that number of members would have left a trace of some kind, so there must be some kind of mistake here.

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You know its more annoying that you edited all them posts, than leaving them there.. Now the whole thread is confusing, What have you got some really bad Anxiety Disorder or something?


To the people worried dont be, PhpBB is knowen for bugs, It should of never really been used here IMO.

I just came becuse I heard about whmcs.com being hacked

From freewebspace.net I was like Wha O_O

For some reason it wouldnt let me view this page without signing up :S.

Good to see you got things worked out :)

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yep no no probelms just that i was getting kind of ticked cause people keep saying stuff even though it was true

Please don't start up again. You claimed to have a SMF forum with 300K members, then provided a domain name that had never been registered. Don't accuse bear and myself of giving you a hard time unless you can back up your words with truth. :)

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