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Remove Domain Option from package


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I want to only offer VPS/Dedicated Servers without having to force the client into having a domain.


I saw the 'TICK' box under Products and Services, then the product Detail:



Show Domain Options Tick to show domain registration options


After choosing that when I have product type as VPS/Dedicated server, allows me to uncheck it. But after saving it rechecks it.


If I set it to OTHER for type, then I can leave it unchecked.


Any ideas about that? Does using OTHER break anything or not allow me to do anything that I normally would do with the VPS/Dedicated Server Types.



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Same thing happens here. Was just trying to uncheck domain registration options and it keeps checking the box again. In my case, no nameservers or domain registration options are necessary for this dedicated server.


This topic should be moved to bug requests.

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Another issue with the new HyperVM Module.


you HAVE to put in a domain name as that's the only way to get the name.vm as well as the root password passed through to the hypervm module, else it's ____.vm with no password set.


Also when I go to cancel a vm, it doesn't seem to delete it. Just let's it keep running.


Can any whmcs clear this up? am I missing something?



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Using the product type "Other" is exactly what you need to do if you don't want domain options showing. They can't be disabled on Hosting, Reseller or Server Product types.


For the username, you have to setup a custom field on the package called "Username" for the user to enter their choice on the order form.



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We need the order entry process to ask for a domain registration but it shouldn't show the cost for it since under the hosting product 'other' tab we have "Tick this box to offer a free domain with this product" turned on. Or it shodul show cost as $0.00


During the order entry process (right after the customer chooses a domain) it shows the pricing for the domain registration as $9.95/year. At the end of the order entry process it does show it as free but i think this is going to confuse customers when they sign up. I know they'll be asking "why does it show $9.95/year in the order form when it is free?".


Is there a workaround for this or can we get this fixed?

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