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Paypal Dispute Problem


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I am a Indian Based web hosting provider... As every one knows that paypal has increased there dispute period from 45 days to 180 days and many of my client use my hosting services and after that they open dispute and get there payment back ... today i got a dispute my client stopped using services on sep 2014 and today is march 2015 he has open dispute for Sep 2015 Payment.... And this is totally unfair with me and paypal is **************** they don't have any protection of seller....


I checked many other Indian companies for my online payment processing throw whmcs but they only provide domestic payment and i want international as my clients are world wide... So any one know any payment gateway based in india which can provide me international payment services ?? or any other way to get payment online throw indian banks ???

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First it really depends on what the dispute is about and the specifics. We just went thru this and paypay had our back both times and we won our cases. The key is to call and talk to paypal if your a seller, let them know in easy terms whats happening, dont overwhelm them with unimportant details, just stick to the facts in order of occurance so they can get it right in their head. Usually with our experience if someone is intentionally trying to rip you off they will see that and do what they can to help you. But if you confuse them with too many details they will just get confused and tell you they are looking into it. We did not have to wait the full term for either of our cases. We simply explained what was going on, had the facts and they agreed and closed the cases.


I have heard really bad stories about paypal, but honestly from my experience they have been awesome so far. Yes you have to remember there is no coverage for the buyer or seller for virtual products.


As for your gateway question i dont know about that one, maybe someone else can offer a solution or suggestion for that.

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