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WHMCS allows free Upgrade of Configurable Options


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When the customer orders a dedicated server or VPS and on the same day requests upgrade of Configurable Options (cpu, ram, disk for example) it charges 0 (zero) to the customer and will only charge him again on the due date which will be in a year time (if billing period is set to yearly).


If customer asks for the same upgrade on the next day of his initial order the Configurable Options price is already calculated correctly.


WHMCS should charge 0 (zero) if it was the last day of the billing period (because customer would get charged on the next day (due date), but not if it is the same day as the order or due date.

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After a few testing I found that the problem really happens but has something else in nature.


Fact: The problem only occurs when the due date is the same as the request for configurable options upgrade.


But the due date should already be in the future when the customer pays, but we were testing marking invoices as Paid (without actual money coming in).


When we mark a invoice as Paid and process the service manually for the customer it doesn't update the next due date and then creates this indirect problem.

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for something like this, it might be worth posting a new thread in the Bug Reports forum and follow the reporting guidelines...





there's no guarantee that a WHMCS support guy will respond to your thread in any of the other forums, but if you think that you've found a bug, you can report it in the Bug Forum.


it's also worth noting that WHMCS generally only consider bugs to be where the software isn't working as they intended - and for all I know, they may have intended it to work as it currently does - but once reported, assuming you describe to them the precise steps on how to reproduce the "bug", they'll decide if it's a bug or not.

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