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How to create an Admin In Cpanel?


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My partner for my project decided to go rogue and blocked my admin access to the site. I managed to grab the Cpanel login and knock him out of it before he could do any real damage. I cannot login to WHMCS or anything because my Admin privileges are revoked. How may I create an account and be able to login that way?Or how can I get my admin privileges back? Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

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I have done this with other sites but never with whmcs. But you could create a hash like whmcs does and then replace that hash value in the pw field in the db, that way you know the pw and you can get in. Im not sure how whmcs creates their pw i think its just md5 plus a salt value but im not 100 percent on that as its been a long time since i worked with it.


If that does not work you may be forced to reinstall whmcs all over again. You might want to do a ticket to be sure what the best process is. Being that you have someone with knowledge of the db values, it might be your best deal to just reinstall with all new passwords and a new db name.

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If that does not work you may be forced to reinstall whmcs all over again.




You've got several options to reset your actual Admin password.

1) Reset Administrator Password - WHMCS Documentation


2) From HostGator Support:

How to fix the password in WHMCS


Log into your primary (main reseller) domain's cPanel

Click the phpMyAdmin icon

Click the username_whmcs database on the left

Click the table named "tbladmins"

Click the Edit (pencil) icon for the "admin" row

Add your desired password to the Password field

Change the preceding drop-down menu to MD5

Go to the bottom right and click the Save button

Now you can use your new password to access your WHMCS

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