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Plesk automatic domain creation


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Hi All,


My Plesk account creation is not working.

I just get the error:


Server Command Error



Is there any way I can debug this?


I am using Plesk 8.2.0, and I have the client and domain templates both setup on the Plesk server. I am using the 'admin' username/password to connect to plesk via WHMCS.




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Ok, I have gotten around the firewall issue, but now I get this:


Server Command Error

2306 - Domain adding was failed. Error: test template failed: Unable to apply limits


I have turned off the limits applicable under the 'Domain' templates. So I am stuck as to what else it could be?

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This looks like your exceeding your limits but Plesk gives better error messages internally so I suggest trying to create a domain using the template from within plesk. Then it should tell you exactly which setting is causing the problem.



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Ok, I have gotten around the firewall issue,


How did you solve this issue?

I have the same problem (using the trial version). I suppose it is the firewall that blocks WHMCS, but which port should I open?


Thank you


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Thanks Jay.

Although I just opened a ticket about this, let me ask you some more details.

You opened port 8443 for incoming, outbound or both connections?

Also, you opened those ports on the server that WHMCS is hosted? Or on another server that WHMCS connects to create hosting packages? (this is what I am trying to do).


Thank you,


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Try changing the user's first name or last name in WHMCS and then click create again. I sometimes get this blank return error message if I have a user with the same Plesk "pname" (Person name?). Also try changing the username in WHMCS, because if you have the same username in Plesk and there is a mismatch you might also get the error.

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