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Regenerating due invoices


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I'd like to regenerate due invoices for about one hundred invoices that have been generated on the 1st day of the current month.


How to do that?

to send to the clients?


if yes, you could go to billing -> invoices -> unpaid, tick the invoices you want to resend and press "Send Reminder" - this will send "Invoice Payment Reminder" emails for each of the invoices selected.

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it depends on what you mean when you say that you've changed the prices... :)


if you mean that you've modified each invoice manually to adjust their prices, then the above solution will still work... it doesn't re-send the original invoice, it generates it again using the current information from the database... which if you've manually modified the invoice(s), will be different from the original invoices.


if you've just changed the pricing for these products/services (setup -> products), then that won't have any effect on the invoices.


i'm assuming that these are renewal / recurring invoices - if so, then the recurring price is shown in the client's profile for the product and it is that figure that WHMCS will use for invoicing.


I don't think adjusting these recurring amounts will automatically change existing invoices - you'll either have to modify the invoices manually or cancel the existing invoices, adjust the recurring amounts for the re-priced products and run the cron job again to generate the invoices with the new values.


in fact, modifying the invoices would only be a temporary solution for this month - if these are recurring invoices, then you'll need to adjust the recurring prices anyway to ensure they're correct for future months.. either manually or using the Bulk Pricing Updater (if it still works correctly).





but as I said previously, it depends on where you've modified the pricing. :idea:

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Thank you so much for clarifying so many aspects! My actual problem is that: when I cancel all incorrect invoices, new invoices haven't being generated neither by running the corresponding cronjob manually (on behalf of the user running all WHMCS PHP-scripts, of course) nor by waiting for ages. It seems that WHMCS just "remembers" that invoices have been generated, so it don't regenerate them even after deleting these invoices.


So, how to make it regenerate these due-invoices after they have been generated and deleted?


Thank you!

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