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Claim your .UK Domain Addon - Style changes not taking effect


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Hi all,


Not had any problem adding the Claim your .UK Addon module, however we want to make some some simple style changes, and for some reason they're not displaying.


E.g. we've edited style.css in the module directory with the following:


#claimyouruk .launchinfo {

padding: 30px 0;

font-size: 16px;

text-align: left;



This makes the bottom lunch text left aligned as opposed to centred.


And have confirmed the updated css file has been correctly uploaded, but the old css file is still being displayed.


I've tried disabling and renabling the addon module but this hasn't helped.


Any ideas?


Thanks very much

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Also does anybody know how to test if the module is enabled?


I'd like to add it to the domain drop down below the Transfer Domains to Us item in header.tpl:


        {if $condlinks.domainreg || $condlinks.domaintrans}<ul class="nav">
           <li class="dropdown"><a id="Menu-Domains" class="dropdown-toggle" data-toggle="dropdown" href="#">{$LANG.navdomains} <b class="caret"></b></a>
             <ul class="dropdown-menu">
               <li><a id="Menu-Domains-My_Domains" href="clientarea.php?action=domains">{$LANG.clientareanavdomains}</a></li>
               <li class="divider"></li>
               <li><a id="Menu-Domains-Renew_Domains" href="cart.php?gid=renewals">{$LANG.navrenewdomains}</a></li>
               {if $condlinks.domainreg}<li><a id="Menu-Domains-Register_a_New_Domain" href="cart.php?a=add&domain=register">{$LANG.navregisterdomain}</a></li>{/if}
               {if $condlinks.domaintrans}<li><a id="Menu-Domains-Transfer_Domains_to_Us" href="cart.php?a=add&domain=transfer">{$LANG.navtransferdomain}</a></li>{/if}
[b][i]****if claim uk module enabled, claim uk module link****[/i][/b]
               {if $enomnewtldsenabled}<li><a id="Menu-Domains-Preregister_New_TLDs" href="{$enomnewtldslink}">Preregister New TLDs</a></li>{/if}
               <li class="divider"></li>
               <li><a id="Menu-Domains-Whois_Lookup" href="domainchecker.php">{$LANG.navwhoislookup}</a></li>

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the style.css file in your addons/claimyouruk/css/ is dated 23 September 2014 - are you sure you uploaded your modified css to the correct directory?


- - - Updated - - -


Also does anybody know how to test if the module is enabled?


add ?m=claimyouruk to your whmcs site URL.

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I've viewed the css file in the cPanel File Manager and it reflects the changes made today. It's just the page that seems to load the old file.


sorry, I meant test the module is enabled in the header.tpl file, along the lines of:

{if $enomnewtldsenabled}<li><a id="Menu-Domains-Preregister_New_TLDs" href="{$enomnewtldslink}">Preregister New TLDs</a></li>{/if}


We'd like to add an entry to the Domain drop down for the claim uk module... so were wondering about how to test if the module is enabled and add it as a menu item. The documentation doesn't mention an enabled global to test.


- - - Updated - - -


Problem solved. We had two copies, one in modules and one in modules > addons.


Thanks for the help. Any ideas regarding adding the module to the Domains drop down with a test if it's enabled?

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i'm glad you got it working. :idea:


I don't think you can test as there are no obvious smarty variables setup in the script - you could throw a {debug} into the header and see if it shows anything you can test for, but I think the page is only enabled when called directly, so I doubt you can check if the addon is active on the client side.

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Thanks, what about testing if the claim your uk domain page exists? - ?m=claimyouruk

If the page exists the module will be enabled - so it'd be okay to display the link...

the problem is that it's not a separate page - you're just passing a variable to index.php that triggers the .uk addon - so the page will always exist, and you can always pass the variable - so it's not really a good testing method...


one possible way, though I can't test this as I don't use the .uk addon, would be to query the tbladdonmodules database table - if you take a look in your table, hopefully there is an entry that shows the .uk addon as being active/on etc...


if so, they you can query the database to get the value on the entry... and then if it's "on", show the link in the menu, otherwise don't.

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