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Does someone use Idev Affiliate with WHMCS as we speak?


I know Idev has out of the box integration with WHMCS but surprisingly when I search Google or this forums most people complain they can't integrate it or that it does not work as expected. From the instructions it looks surprisingly easy to me and the reason I ask this again is because most of those posts are very old, years old.


I was wondering if there was someone using lately Idev+whmcs together and if the integration is working as expected or it has bugs we should be aware. When I asked the Idev support they say they don't support third party integrations.


When I ask WHMCS support, like always they also say they don't support third party products. All I was asking is if the integration is working with the latest versions of both softwares or not. It seems nobody knows.


I don't want to use something just to find out the whole order process is broken.


If someone using it can please update this I would appreciate it. If its not working as expected then can someone suggest a software that works great with whmcs, which is supported. It seems both whmcs and idev wash their hands and nobody is willing to answer. And I'm not very happy with Idev either, in all this years all they changed was their design, the core is still the same with nothing new for years. They don't even have basic things like blocking range of ip's and some features are way to basic. So I'm open to other options.


The integrated whmcs affiliate systems is great, but I prefer to keep affiliate accounts separated from customer accounts and so it does not mess the stats and I also need more advanced features than what is provided out of the box. I used Idev in the past with other billing/shopping systems and never had problems with it, so I was a bit surprised to read all the forums here about problems with the integration.


Anyone using lately this 2 softwares together?

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I do, works good... If you buy it and ask them to install it on your system they will do it...


Thanks, do you use a manual integration (like editing WHMCS template and putting a pixel tracking on the thank you page)


Or did you actually integrated like it says for their WHMCS integration steps?


No issues with customers ordering or any other bug in WHMCS after it?

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