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OwlHQ For WHMCS Released : 9 Tools In One

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OwlHQ Marketing Platform finally released a mod for WHMCS. It takes less than 1 minute to install.


Original website : htt://OwlHQ.com

Includes over 9 Premium Features.


Price of OwlHQ regularly is $549 per month but there is a sale going on for just $9 one time payment over at Warrior Forums. It includes a video demo as well.




Its a limited time offer. Once you have purchased. Make sure to mention WHMCS for special gift.

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You can use the following featutures with OwlHQ.


- Provide Life Chat ( Uusally it costs crazy monthly money )

- Optimize price : Price will change based on user's datapoint!

- Track each visitor's screen! What they are doing on their client panel!


Theres MORE! To experince this, you must take action now.

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nice offer. I have purchased it, to check it out. But I have some questions:

Where can I find the WHMCS mod of which you have spoken?

Would the Live Chat form be multilanguage, later?

Will there be a opt-out button for the Tracking for the visitors?

Is it possible to disable various options?

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Stay away, because as soon as you pay all your get is a mountain of spam emails wanting you to pay for other services. I have reported them to their server providers and also to paypal


I can confirm this, every day lots "offer" mails. That's not professional.

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I can confirm this, every day lots "offer" mails. That's not professional.


i placed cancel notice and asked for refund and got these replies




Refunds take 48 to be granted. You account is being terminated immediately

Also, there is a unsubscribe link at bottom of each email,and client area also as "opt out" link. :)


Thank you


Regards, Let me know if i can help you with anything else.


Hi Terry, Sorry to see you go.

I have unsubscribed your email " ********** "

There is a link at bottom to unsubscribe.


Someone will get in touch regarding refund, and enjoy the free account as a token of inconvience.


Thank you


so to me they are just a marketing company that are after emails to harvest and spam as to why give refund and then say keep the account free.


also reported them to abuse@constantcontact.com as they are sending the spam through them

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easyhosting( Terry ),We use WHMC's datbase to send email. Your account was deleted immeditely. We let you keep free account of owlhq to apolizes that you didn't like our emails. You are more than welcome to still use OwlHQ for free :)


There is a unsubscribe link at bottom of email.. or just click "spam" and you will never hear from our company again. That's all you needed to do... :) No need to make threats on email. Live and Let Live...



Thank you



- - - Updated - - -



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