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Recurring Promotions


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When making a recurring promotion,

After selecting "Enable" and entering the "Recur for x times," does the number of times include the first time?


In other words, if I have a promotion for a discount on a monthly subscription and I wish for the promotion to discount for 3 successive months, should I enter 2 or 3 for the recurring number of times? Thanks! :)

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When ticked the discount will apply to renewal invoices. Set the Recur For field to 0 for all future renewals to be discounted or enter a different number to specify how many cycles the discount lasts for.


  • Please note, this is in addition to the initial invoice for the product. So if you wish to provide a discount 6 times, enter 5 in the recurring box.

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  • 3 months later...

I did exactly as stated in the documentation but the client has been invoiced anyway.


Fixed Amount, Checked the recur and put 2 in the box. This is for 3 months free to this client...


I have the applies and requires set to the hosting product, nothing else is checked.


The client received an invoice to pay...???

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the invoice was for $22 (the amount for monthly hosting) and no, it was marked "unpaid".

well that answers your own question - the promotion was setup wrong, and whmcs invoiced for the amount specified in the promotion.


Is it possible to just add credit or apply another promotion code using the better method you outlined?

there are options open to you with regards to the existing invoice (depending on your location and invoicing/tax rules) - you could edit the invoice, set the amounts to zero and resend; you could cancel the invoice.. or add funds - http://docs.whmcs.com/Add_Funds#Applying_Funds_to_Invoices


with regards to using another promo code, it might be safer to open a support ticket to get a response - I think I know the answer, but I don't want to risk giving you the wrong advice.

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