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Registering a domain name for a client in the admin area?


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Hello I am looking for some help, I can’t seem to work out how to add and register a domain name on behalf of a client in the admin area.


I go to “add new order” leave the Product/Service boxes as none as they don’t require hosting then fill in the “Domain Registration” press submit and all I get is “An order cannot be created because no products or domain registration items have been selected”. Domain names are set up and I am using ResellerClub as the registrar.


I presume I am missing something obvious but if anyone could point me in the right direction I would be very grateful.



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An order cannot be created because no products or domain registration items have been selected


this error indicates an order has been placed for a TLD or registration period that hasn't been configured. Please review the following video to resolve the issue.



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Hi Tim,


it's possible - sometimes when updating, if one or more files don't upload properly, whmcs can still appear to be working fine and you only see an error when trying to do something you haven't used for a while.


that said, this is a very specific error message and so I doubt it's caused by a file uploaded incorrectly.


the obvious first step (and I apologise if you've already done it!), is to make 100% sure that you have the tld that you are trying to order, priced for the period you are trying to register it for...


if you have, then is this client in a Client Group? if they are, then you will need to check if domain pricing is setup for that client group too.


I suspect the problem must lie somewhere in your tld pricing setup - does this only affect a specific tld, or all tlds? is there anything in the Admin Activity log that gives more info on the error?


I don't think that there's a general issue with "New Orders" with the latest version (otherwise the forum would likely be awash with complaints about it!), so it must be a quirk of your setup - uploading the update again might fix it, but i'd suggest ruling out any missing pricing issues first.

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