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Next Due Date Incorrect


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I am new to the system and trying to understand it, worried I may have a bug.


I have made a product called mailbox hosting and it has reoccurance settings of annual only.


I added this product to a client and set to pay annually. Everything was as expected when processing the order i.e. the summary on the right said X today and X annually.


The client is yet to pay and I created this invoice on the 23/07/14. If I go into the invoice and look at next due date is also says 23/07/2014? is this correct? Surely it should say 23/07/2015?


Advice please?




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Thank you.


So if they don't pay then a new invoice doesn't get generated? Is there any way to override this? Say for example I have a servcie that is billed monthly it is quite normal (sadly) for someone to not pay anything for 2 months! Will it miss an invoice?

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as long as "Continuous Invoice Generation" is enabled in setup -> general settings -> invoices... you shouldn't have a problem.




Continuous Invoice Generation refers to whether invoices are created for items that are unpaid. It is best explained through the use of an example.


Take for example a hosting account paid monthly. The user places their order in January. They receive an invoice and they pay their invoice. In the following month, the user gets their next invoice and they pay that. Then in March, the user receives their invoice but they don't pay it because they no longer wish to use the account or simply because they miss the emails about it.


With continuous invoice generation disabled, the user would not receive any further invoices until the March invoice has been paid.


However, with continuous invoicing enabled, the user would receive invoices every month until the account is set to terminated, regardless of whether the item has been paid for or not.

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