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Could i use a hook to check for if(loggedin) under normal php not smarty from same domain but ouside of whmcs, or is that API


Issue - i have html shell around whmcs - i have sale and other popups which advertise to visitors when they on on the site as well as support help auto requests for help or feedback. But some of those are already clients going to their account and even sitting on the portal page the popup comes.


So i dont want those popups to be shown if the client is logged in. I can check for loggedin on the whmcs side and toss in an if() here and there to handle that.


but what about the html/php shell around whmcs. Someone could log in and then visit the front page of the domain and sit there long enough to get a popup and i dont want my clients to have to be resold or get those at all.


Is that doable via hook or does that have to be API. I guess i could just do some quick js, thats possible, but i wanted to ask to see anyone has done this...



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yeah same domain... html is xxxx.com and whmcs is xxxx.com/whmcs so its just a different folder


i have already taken care of the whmcs side with an if() statment that calls two dif versions of the js file if they are logged in so only normal support widgets load.


but i have not yet done the html side. i guess i could always just use DOM sessionStorage.setItem as i did in a dif project to check for loggedin and pass it over to the htlm side. Its not a secured data type so that var would not need to be secured, it would show on the source view.

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