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DNS Issues


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im always helping others now i need some help badly, i changed dns and im trying to get my sites back up and im stuck. intodns shows SOA and NS and A record issues, pingdom shows all is well just a small SOA issue, everything shows the new dns but yet nothing it up.


i need some assistance please.. it has been this way since this afternoon and if i am down much longer i might as well close the businsess cause ill never recover. im not sure what direction to go here, thanks.


reseller durangodaveshosting.com

one of my sites teamxrossfire.net



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yep infopro was right about that thread, now to tell you all what happened here. If you read the post that infopro related to in his post, i been having issues for awhile, talked to my host nothing found so after filtering thru the troubleshooting it was (at that time) thought to be some kind of a virus or attack or some kind of dns hack because it would, work then not work, it would show the domain expired page for some and then for others it would not.


So then it was determined that it must be some kind of deal where it lets some ips in but not others, almost like a personal attack. I know one of my sites talks about how to stop spam so we thought it might be retaliation of some kind. And all of this while talking to people including my host that should know. And this has been happening for two weeks.


So as i came around in circles and chasing my tail someone finally suggested i check the dns domain, well one other person did a week earlier but i didnt pick up on what they were telling me. I did a intodns on the dns and sure enough there was the park page, there was the links to all the bull.... that had haunted me.


What happened was that awhile back more than a year ago my dns showed my host name and i did not want that, so i ask them for a generic name, and i guess i was the only one on this name because the host forgot and let it expire. And so it was a host issue the whole time. This is after sending letters to the parking domain as to why someone is parking my domains illegally, this is after telling my isp that they must have a hack, this is after painting myself as an idiot because i trusted what my host told me.


Yes it is better to error on the side of caution but this was something that never had to get this far. And so the storm last night came about because i knew i had to get everything on solid dns ground. So i decided to choose the opensrs dns servers to get me by while i work on getting my custom dns name up and running. That is when the gas hit the fire, for some reason the opensrs dns servers dont work right, well they didnt for me, they didnt resolve, had A SOA CNAME and DNS errors all over the place.


So i wrote opensrs, and i wrote here too cause now i been down for like 8 or 9 hours and its melting the business. But opensrs does not have chat anymore that i can find, it used to be on the right panel but i dont see it anymore, and they take 3-4 days to answer anything. So now (lastnight) im in a fury, upset to the point of well you know... And of course earlier when i did this i ask my host for help and all they said was you have to register your dns. Well thats like telling someone the house your looking for is down that block without a address.


Took me an hour tring to read stuff to finally find that the option in opensrs is called (on the old control panel) RWI2 meaning second level domain, RWI2 Domain Management, you set up your dns in there, and then you get out of that and you have to click

add domain to all foriegn registers. But i was still getting error "domain name not found in registry" .


So on top of being very very upset, nothing was working, my host was sleeping and abandoned me leaving me to the wolfves, i was not getting any help at all. So rather than have a nervous breakdown i decided to retreat from the process.


And yet last night i wrote my host a letter telling them i was not happy and why, and do you think i got a letter today in reply, nothing, not one word yet. So i shall be seeking a new reseller host when the time comes. This host and me go way back on a personal level and he is a good friend of mine but i guess maybe he just dont care anymore and thats sad. I hope im wrong about that one.


I shall also be seeking a new reseller program for domains as well since opensrs has gotten too big to worry about customer service now.


Financially my host has been a great help in keeping me alive and above water, but if i cant be online then whats the use, its like getting rotten eggs cheap its a moot point.


yes thanks, in the middle of the storm i figured i could do no worse than it was before so i set it all back, so sometimes its up and sometimes not, im still on proxy to make it work. But i know now what the issue is and i will get the dns changed the right way.


So yes we can call this deal done.



Thank you all for your quick reply this morning, sadly by then it was all over. But i do wish there were more people from whmcs here overnight. I dont want whmcs to end up like opensrs and forget that people work all hours of the day not just 8-5.


I am just glad that it was not a virus in the first place. But as i said its always better to error on the side of caution than not.


So yes a very miserable night and i will see if i get this fixed or not. So im gonna go and google some resellers to see what i can afford when my time is up with this one.


Thanks again, i will link this thread to the other one....


one more thing, advise to others, if you can afford it, get yourself a dedicated or vps setup. Most of this issue was because im on a shared server and i have to rely on my host for so much, no root access, and when you do that you put yourself at risk because you need to be in control of your business as much as you can, fingers on the buttons.


Later all :)

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