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Invoice on the fly based on a link

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I am interested if WHMCS can do something like this:

We are an IT company and we mostly sell online domains web hosting backup, and cycle bill our customers.. and all works good


we are interested in selling some hardware as well


the question is: if whmcs can do something like this

i create a link http://www.123.com.au?price=550&product "Product Description Here" and the whmcs can create an invoice on the fly for the online customer acquire customers details and bill him.


hardware would be: "Product Description Here" with the price $550


i can see the problem that other clients can just take the link and change description and price but i am sure this can be overcome with some security (for example customer can enter the link manually http://www.123.com.au?price=250&product "Product Description Here") changing manually the price from 550 to 250.. (just an example)


once invoiced and charged we provide the service or deliver the product..


this would help allot so we do not have to full up WHMCS product list with products that come and go as hardware is changing allot and we only keep WHMCS products on something that we bill in monthly basis also it would be very easy to maintain our online website not having to import products on WHMCS


i hope i have explained this well and i hope that WHMCS can do this :) it is just that i could not find anything online regarding this.


If there is no tool to get this done yet.. then i am suggesting it and i am happy to pay to get it done.. developers free to contact me with prices.

thank you

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I think a similar suggestion was made here...




out of the box, whmcs can't do this - if you want to pay someone to develop such a module, then you should probably post your request in marketplace - http://forum.whmcs.com/forumdisplay.php?49-Marketplace ...or get a mod to move this post there.

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4'th it has to be possible! as nothing impossible:)

but then you have to ask if WHMCS is the right tool for the job?


if it were only a few products, you could probably setup WHMCS as normal to sell them ... but if there were a significant number, i'd seriously consider splitting them and using dedicated shopping cart software for the hardware sales.


I can understand that ideally you would like to keep everything under one roof with a single login for both hosting and hardware, but then it comes down to your budget and whether it's even worth attempting to make whmcs work in this way.


the way that you suggested having your links triggered a long-forgotten memory - many years ago, we used an e-commerce site that worked in a similar way... Mal's E-Commerce - http://www.mals-e.com


you could in theory pass links as you previously suggested...




though as the price could easily be modified, you probably wouldn't want to do that... but you could embed these links on a html page or use a form... it's really basic stuff to use if you understand html.




i'd suggest at least taking a look at this to see if you can use this instead of trying to make whmcs work in a similar way.... there would be no software to host on the server, you would just have to configure your html pages to use the appropriate links.

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I have took a look over the links provided above Brian and i appreciate that at least you are trying to help.


I see 2 options here and i hope i am not the only one:


1 i can add a feature to WHMCS and get it going i will have customer details, invoice, and payment gateway already setup and i do not have to store CC details as they are saved on gateway servers, under one roof, and easy to manage, plus the security of WHMCS of processing the payments with the actual Payment gateway.. (all works and tested in time)


2 split my system and try to go with some shopping cart that supports only one feature i need and try hard to get the rest going like gateway support, stable functionality and integration with the actual website...



I guess it is easy to see the bonus of using WHMCS.



using this tool i see 2 scenarios one is Usable and safer other one is unsafe no mater what you do


1 SAFER - In my situation we intend to sell hardware so i was thinking that maybe the link www.xyz.com.au/=?"some product"&"$550" can create a quote not an invoice and myself in back end transform the quote in invoice if no fraudulent actions found.

In my situation even if created as invoice fraud is hard to achieve as we deliver after payment received and invoice checked (No automatic provisioning of a service required)


And yes even if instead of an invoice we could get a Quote generated would still help.. as the website would do most of the job for us

1 generate the lead. 2 collecting customer info. 3 generate Quote. 4 we check the details and price and transform in invoice. 5 invoice sent to customer for payment 6 invoice payed. 7 we deliver.. 8 Job Done


This is something that can be done. and i do not think it will make WHMCS unstable or insecure, instead will bring WHMCS to a bigger potential making WHMCS more desirable.


2 NOT SAFE - If automatic payment / provisioning of a service required this is not the right way to go, and the reasons and obvious.


I am interested in Point (1)


If someone interested in building this tool.. I am still waiting...

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I have a similar business model to yours. I wouldn't mind talking on how we could potentially collaborate to build something similar in which we could both use. I have coders that could potentially do this work so we could split the cost.

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Sharing the development costs... is not a problem CJF077.

Please email me your contact details at info at arknet dot com dot au so we can make contact and help each other with the progress of this idea.


Also what i am interested in is developers that look at this posts if interested to develop something like this for money.

Solutions & Quotes would be a good idea.

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