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How to disable/minimise client address registration


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i need to disable registration form where client need to enter his address. I mean if client dont order domain he dont need to provide his address except like email, name and password.


Please let me know the steps to do this.


Thank you

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have you tried disabling some of the fields in setup -> general settings -> other -> Optional Client Profile Fields ?


I think country will still be required, but it should allow you to remove (or make optional) some of the others.

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I just had a quick play with this using the comparison template and it seems that clicking on the Option Client Profile Fields checkboxes does make them optional - certainly leaving them blank did not cause them to be mentioned as missing required fields in the error box...


what you may need to do if you go down this road and the client has ordered domain(s), is to possibly remove the option to use "Default Contact Details" and make the customer add a new contact for the domain reg info - all those fields will be required, regardless of any settings change in the client profile option checkboxes...

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Thanks Brian,


it works as you say, i set fields as optional and commented out them in /templates/orderforms/myorderformtempalte/viewcart.tpl


Then commented out option:

<!--<option value="">{$LANG.usedefaultcontact}</option>-->


but there persist issue with Country which dont let me submit form:

# Please choose your country from the drop down box #


Country is not within Optional fields in WHMCS admin area:


Optional Client Profile Fields Tick any of the fields below to make them optional at signup time:


First Name Last Name Address 1 City

State/Region Postcode Phone Number



Update, so i uncommented just Country field and made it appear on page. now it worked OK all.

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You could also use the "Add client" and "Add order" API to build whatever you need, however, it looked to me that if you need custom fields, it doesn't work since this line seems to not make it work for me (from http://docs.whmcs.com/API:Add_Client):

$postfields["customfields"] = base64_encode(serialize(array("1"=>"Google")));


...or has someone made that work?

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